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PLC Technician Jobs require Instructor based PLC Certification & Evaluation

What PLC Technician Training should you look for in your new hires and current employee? With your electricians you look for hands on instructor based evaluation (Journeyman Electrician), why should PLC training for a PLC technician be anything less? (Or maintenance technician training, if that is what you are calling them) After all, PLC technician jobs require the job functions of an electrician, plus working with PLCs (electrical controls) that can be much more complex than electrical work and can cause serious damage to man or machine!


So as a starting point, Employers should require PLC technician training and maintenance technician training that is built on a foundation of Instructor Base PLC training AND Evaluation that is focused on safely working with PLCs, best practices and minimizing downtime. As the chart below clearly indicates, preferably on-site PLC training , using the same PLC programs in class that your company uses in its equipment.

PLC technician training


This advice is not say there isn't a place for the scholastic based only PLC training seminars, PLC training video courses, online PLC training, PLC training simulators, PLC books, even cheap or free PLC training or videos. As employees should be required to participate in continuing education to supplement their PLC training each year which will further reduce company risk and improve PLC technician's value to the company. The PLC and automation control technology is constantly evolving and your employees should also. The above mentioned non-instructor based PLC training delivery methods are great ways to continually increase a PLC technicians knowledge and skills, but only after employee has had our initial Safety, Reliability and Best Practices focused, instructor based PLC training foundation in which to build on. (Else they may pick up, develop or be taught worse practices and wind up hurting the company or themselves!)


Smart companies will not just accept a PLC certificate from an online PLC 'Training' course or software alone, they will want to see our PLC certification certificate PLC Certificate knowing the PLC technician or maintenance technician has received hands on instructor based best practices training AND evaluation with real PLCs and PLC programs.


We hope you will consider letting us help you reduce downtime through more efficient troubleshooting skills, PLC technician training and procedures. Our instructors are consultants who can advise you on your equipment to increase reliability, while visiting your site.

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