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Free online Industrial Training Skills Assessment Tool

We were looking for an online assessment tool to complement our Industrial Training Services. We reviewed many online assessment tests but found them to fall short in functionality and cost-effectiveness.

So we design this robust, and totally free online training tool, with no sign in requirement or strings attached! We only ask that you create online assessment tests related to the categories we have available.

Users of this Industrial Online Assessment Tool can create their own tests, or take tests created by us and others who used this free tool to create a test. This is a great tool for new-hires, existing employees, students, and individuals to test their own knowledge. Skill test results can be sent to anyone you like (yourself, potential employer, teacher, etc.). We hope human resource departments and educational institutions will find this a useful training tool for assessments.

We recommend you review our HELP area before using this online skill assessment application
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You do not need to log in, to create an assessment anonymously. But if you want the ability to edit, add or delete questions at a later date and time, you will need to sign up so you can log in and edit your assessments. Anonymous users will not be able to edit questions and answers after they click the "Make Assessment" button. If you do sign up, your email and other information will be confidential and NOT be used for mail list or given to third parties.

All content generated here is the property of Business Industrial Network and we reserve the right to delete any inappropriate content.

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