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Industry 4.0 in USA: Risk

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IE: IIoT - The Industrial Internet of things & Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS)


Industry 4.0

A major drawback to Industry 4.0 that few write about is maintenance of an Industry 4.0 plant. The maintenance aspect is a much greater and immediate drawback than even the commonly known major concern of security, and the lesser concern of system integration standards. Maintenance of 4.0 systems has, and will continue to result in related huge increases in process downtime. The barriers to overcoming the maintenance/downtime drawbacks of a 4.0 system are almost insurmountable.


Has the Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition (SMLC) addressed the maintenance paradox?

€... model also demands the ability to calculate and manage risk and uncertainty within very different operating structures. ..”


Industry 4.0 Maintenance barriers: