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The New CMMS Insider's Guide

All you need to know about Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) selection and implementation in an easily understood language.

cmms guide

book excerpt - contents

cmms insider's guide
esbn: c60-777a-7c25-70c3

the new (2003) "cmms insider's guide" is an ebook that covers just about all beginners need to know about cmms and implementation in an easily understood language. if you are new to this and looking for a computerized maintenance management system (cmms), this guide will be an invaluable aid.

the "cmms insider's guide" is an excellent, independent report on cmms selection. it will guide you through the process of cmms specification, selection and implementation. the "cmms insider's guide" also outlines the functions you can expect in a cmms to allow you to make up your mind what you need for your maintenance department. the guide will also help those who are using old cmms systems and considering upgrade to a modern package.

"cmms insider's guide" includes several tables of checklists that you can use to help you develop your maintenance software specification. (25 pages)

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book excerpt

breakdown schedule work

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table of contents

manual systems
what does a cmms do?
what return on investment (roi) can be expected?
factors in good and bad maintenance management
functions and features of a cmms (provides guidance on asset register, pm scheduling, pm library, unplanned work reporting, scheduling of pm, planned work order issue, viewing outstanding work, maintenance personnel database, gauge and calibration management, condition based monitoring (cbm), statistical data and reports, menu construction and customization, pick lists, pda's, maintenance project planning, security/access levels and administration)
project implementation plan, cmms strategy and beyond
maintenance metrics and performance indices
proactive versus reactive
enterprise asset management (eam)
what will my cmms cost?
web based or asp packages
the future of cmms?


price:  us$34.50  us$ 19.95

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