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CMMS Secrets

  By Mike Sondalini  

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The 9 great benefits of a CMMS*


The 9 great benefits of a CMMS. A computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is the maintenance department�s most important tool. It provides insight into the behavior of the facility�s individual assets, i.e. the plant and equipment. For a CMMS to be of use it must be used as an information �bank� that can be investigated. There are 9 really good reasons to use a CMMS. And each one of them alone makes a CMMS worth having. 

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1. Diary and personal organizer tool.

The CMMS becomes your diary. In it you record the future maintenance requirements of your assets. You use the CMMS to organize your day, your week and even the coming year. You can organize all your future jobs in detail � from the 1-hour preventive maintenance routine to the 4-week bi or tri-annual shutdown. Just be sure to review the work when it comes around to insure it is still well founded. In most businesses a year is a long time and things can change and make the old plan invalid.

Into the CMMS you enter all your resource requirements such as cranes, scaffolding, lighting towers, etc. You enter all your manpower requirements so you can organize enough people with the right skills. You enter all the parts and materials you will need for each job. You can also record the interactions that need to be taken between departments and across departments so that the jobs run �smooth as silk� and no one forgets something important.

2. Smart, time-saving buying tool

A CMMS loaded up with the Bills of Materials (or the Application Parts Lists) of the equipment in the plant and the material supplier catalogues is a huge money and time saver. It�s a money saver because you can compare costs across suppliers for the same part and get the right part at the best price. It�s a time saver because you only need one or two key strokes and all the purchase description typing is done for you in correctly described �supplier speak� with all the right part numbers. This makes receiving the right parts on time so much simpler and more certain.

On top of that there are dozens of phone calls to suppliers saved daily. These benefits translate to hours of effort saved each week for years to come.

3. Cost monitoring tool

A CMMS will let you see where your maintenance money is going. Most maintenance budgets are also spent on plant improvements, safety improvements, environmental improvements, small capital jobs and site security. This is great to know when the budget is overspent. With this information all you need to do is point out how much extra, unbudgeted work is forced onto maintenance by the demands of the business.

The other important cost monitoring benefit of a CMMS is when jobs go bad. It�s useful to pull out the cost of labor, parts, contractors, etc for review and discussion. No one likes being reminder of a poor showing but if something good can be pulled out of the mess then everyone learns and moves forward to a better result next time.

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