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Q: Can you use a PLC to troubleshoot with, even though you don't have software?
(of 123 respondents)
 71%   Yes
 29%   No
Yes, if you have a paper copy of the ladder logic you can use the I/O lights to help.

Hey, YOU are smart! Out of 123 respondents, 71% knew how to use a PLC to trouble shoot, even if they did not have the software to access it. By using hard copy of ladder logic and I/O LEDs.

Q: To better serve our readers, could you please select your occupation?
(of 205 respondents)
 26%   Maintenance Manager
 33%   Engineer
 13%   Maintenance Tech.
 28%   Other Industrial Occupation

Business Industrial Network's studies show Maintenance Technicians (MT) have less online access than Engineers and Managers. Thus the reason they are the lowest percentage of visitors to this web site dedicated to them. One of the main reasons, is MTs have less access at work, than the other professions. (Even Engineers and Maintenance Managers have limited access.)

 Check back to this site frequently, to see the various programs Business Industrial Network will launch to resolve this deficiency. Therefore meeting our goal to get technical information to those who need it most, where they need it most; at work.