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Online University Courses - Training Cost Benefit Analysis

Below is a Training Cost Benefit Analysis by Gartner.

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Cost Benefit Analysis

Gartner offers the combined brainpower of 1,200 research analysts and consultants who advise executives in 80 countries every day. Gartner publishes tens of thousands of pages of original research annually and answers 200,000 client questions every year.

Gartner can help you make smarter and faster decisions. Their years of relevant experience and institutional knowledge prevent costly and avoidable errors. Be confident that with Gartner, your decisions are the right decisions.

Productivity Costs Savings / Return on Investment

According to the Gartner, a user with an annual salary of $30,000 working 40 hours a week, spends approximately 3 hours per week attempting routine tasks due to lack of training. 


The three hours wasted represent a 7.5% lost productivity rate or $2,250 per user.


The following matrix illustrates the productivity savings gained by your organization�s use of the BIN95 University's sole source solution. If BIN95 University�s solution increases each user�s productivity by 1 hour, this is approximately $844 in annual productivity savings per user per year. 

In an organization with 250 employees or more, the annual productivity cost savings is substantial.


Annual Lost Productivity Cost ($2,250) *

Annual Productivity Savings ($844)

























*Based on $30,000 annual salary

Support Costs Savings

Whether or not we have access to training, users forget most of the training or learning content provided. On average, measurable knowledge retention is less than 10% six months after �passing� a student through a classroom type course. According to Gartner Group, each networked user of a Windows based PC accounts for $310.00 in help desk costs per year.

Help Desk Support = Additional Cost Savings

Using a binary state comparison, BIN95 University solutions will effectively convert up to 95% of your �Class 2 learners� (requiring physical help desk or third party intervention) into �Class 1 learners� (requiring work without requiring helpdesk or support). This will help to eliminate a majority of your support costs ($310.00 per user).