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Machine Down? Submit a question with online form, engineering will be paged for true 24/7 supplemental industrial technical support on all of your manufacturing equipment.

Once you have learned the "True cost of downtime", you will realize how valuable it is to get industrial engineering technical support during those off hours and weekends. By exploring the online book about TDC, you will know that saving just one hour of production can easily pay for the quarterly subscription to Business Industrial Network's industrial technical service.

manufacturing engineering industrial technical servicesBusiness Industrial Network helps you compete in a rapidly changing manufacturing technology arena. Manufacturing equipment will break down, and you need to recover as quick as possible to remain competitive. The more resources you have to recover from a breakdown, the better you will be prepared to meet delivery schedules. (Many of our customers use this service to support project design and parts sourcing for their facility too. Our Quick Help service is also an excellent ongoing training supplement.)

About our industrial technical service:  


(We are considering alternate delivery methods.)

Online only version:

Please use the form below to enter information about the machine or subject question you would like a solution for. Some of the solutions we provide are troubleshooting help, repair instructions, equipment documentation search, manufacturing consulting, parts sourcing,  internet searches, expert contacts. Please provide as much detail as possible to speed the solution process. (IE: machine model, serial number, PLC type, series, software version, etc. - if applicable.)

Machine Vendor Name
PLC Type

After you experience the fast 24/7 technical support of this online portion of our Quick Help service, please request detailed information about how our quarterly subscription can save you thousands.


You receive technical service bulletins on equipment in your facility, up to 10 hours phone support per year, discounts for onsite services and PLC training, maximize your CMMS benefits, get free benchmarking - cost justification tools and information, and more!


Our technical support services coupled with lean manufacturing articles and online content, are the final piece to your facility maintenance business plan. Subscribe to our quick help service is equivalent to hiring several consultants, engineers, managers, and technicians, for less than the cost of one employee.

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Full service version:

Purchasing the quarterly subscription to this Internet based service gives you priority online maintenance supplemental technical support. This online service is designed to give you 24/7 technical support information when you need it most, when your equipment is down. One solution to a machine down, automation, 24/7, anytime anywherecould result in downtime cost savings (RIO), of several times the subscription fee. Your cost savings of project design and implementation can pay for the service alone. We are the first to offer "True" 24/7 online technical support that pages a live person and does not require Internet access. Quick help is available to all countries, our service can help anytime, anywhere!

 The Full industrial technical service also includes more value added support features like benchmarking data, surveys, part availability reports, and articles, just to name a few. 

 To see samples of the solutions we have provided, please access our online problem/solution samples from the PLC, CNCPaperMoldingExtruder,  and CMMS proactive solution databases!

The money you save from just one troubleshooting session may pay for the subscription. (Sorry, free trial period have expired.)

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