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  precision machining equipment  Handbook for Machining Equipment Maintenance - This 244 page ebook is a compilation of information for you to refer to during the process of achieving better results while dealing with machine tools and precision machining equipment.

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Thank you Barney, of Weather Vane Capital for the solution.

Problem : Alarm code is (Turret Released 2006), Can't find code in the Eurotech Elite Machine Model: E42L book.

Solution : There was a relay in the back smoked, we changed it, after Euro tech called and walked us thru. Thanks, your web site looked like it can be a great help for people with Emergencies.


Info supplied by BIN95: Precise Solutions in Detroit area, is the importer of EuroTech. 248-589-7980. These machines are also known as Italian Biglia lathes, imported as Eurotech.

Thank you Dave C., Yang lathe user and expert for the solution.

Problem : Because of an accidental power down,  our YANG SML-12 CNC lathe lost it's parameters, and we can't find the right one parameter table to make the lathe to work as it did before.

Tried: : We already enter the parameter that was said given by the CNC merchant. Please give us the correct parameter list of this CNC lathe (SML-12). It use the Fanuc 0-T controller.

Solution : Dave provided the parameter list from his SML-12, you can upload with
Terminal. Note: In his version he reversed the X to be + toward the front.

Thank you Ger of Bellmead plant, Dublin Ireland      Bellmead plant

Problem : Amada Vipros 357, The pin which is attached to the piston which turns the indexing tools snapped off during machining the operator reported hearing a knocking noise when the tools were indexing (due to the brake pin not being released from the coupling in the drive linkage for the indexing tool.) Only 3 tools were used during the program before the operator stopped the machine to investigate.

Tried: : The coupling due to the brake being engaged had moved on the upper turret, we replaced the broken pin and because we had 1 good tool we could realign the 3 drive pins to the correct location. We put the machine back in production after checking all 4 tool stations with the alignment kit and it worked fine. But it is not the correct procedure.
Any Amada whiz able to tell me the procedure for realigning the drive mechanism for the indexing tool stations

Solution : Amada's web site is one of the best we've seen as far as providing technical documentation. We would ask that you view alignment procedures at ...

Also of help may be their Preinstallation Guide Revision 4 for the Vipros 357 Queen with F18PC, or the User Pre-Installation Guide for the Vipros 357 Queen with 04PC. If after you do not find the information you need from their site, please let us know and we will ask the Amada experts.

Thank you Dovac of Zambia, Africa       
Problem : I cannot get the pull-stud system on the mazak h15 horizontal machining canter (fanuc 7m, cat 50) working properly. it appears to be opening and closing properly, but the tools keep on coming out. I've had the spindle out numerous times trying different spacer configurations but still no success. I believe this is a design floor in the machine, are there any alternative ways to clamp tools on this machine?

Tried: I've tried new collets, different spacing configurations, new springs.

Solution : My findings were this: When the collet clamps the pull-stud it closes and enters the sleeve at a point in it's pull-back stroke. This point is determined by the position of the sleeve in relation to the tool's taper socket. My theory is that the sleeve's position was too far back and this caused the collet to close too far down it's stroke and clamp onto the pull-stud knob, and with a light tap with a hammer the tool starts coming out. The collet needs to close earlier in it's stroke pulling the pull-stud by the neck, therefore the sleeve needs to come forward whose position is determined by a spacer that fits over it. (if you cannot find this spacer look inside the spindle}. I faced off 1mm of the spacer and re-assembled. What happens now is that the tool is now held securely in place but the collet does not open as much as it used to. The danger here is that the collet hooks onto the tool during tool change. This is what happens if you take too much off the sleeve spacer. Luckily I don't have this problem, but ideally I would've rather only removed 0.7mm from the spacer.

Mazak Experts Reply:

Jeff from

Are you sure the retention studs are correct? I believe this machine used the BT style studs.

Have you replaced the collet or sleeve? Quite often, the collet or sleeve will have wear on the corner where they meet. This wear will take away the maximum clamping capability.

Has the spindle taper been ground? If the taper was ground, it will change the gauge point and reduce the clamping force. If the spindle has been ground too much, it really is un-repairable. I have known customers to try to adjust for the error with spacers but it's never really correct.

You may be at the bottom of the stroke. This is easy to check by loosening the retention stud 1 turn and checking the tool for looseness. If the tool is loose, something is not correct either in the collet or spring assembly.

You can also check the push on the tool when unclamped, to be sure the push is set correct. Place an indicator on the front side of the flange and zero it. Push the tool in toward the spindle and manually unclamp it. Your indicator should show between .020" and .040" push on the indicator

This design has been in operation since the start of the H-15 model and should not be a problem.

Richard of Mazak  Corp. Canada 

1 - Are you using the correct pull studs?
2 - Has the spindle taper been reground recently?
3 - Is it coming out of the spindle always with the same tool? (could be pull stud, tool or program)
4 - Have you tested the pull back pressure of the drawbar with a "Clamp Force Gauge"

These are some of the that need to be answered.
Also Mazak does provide a service of rebuilding Spindles and/or Drawbar at our facility in Florence Ky..


This H-15 used what is now called "old style pull studs". These stud were changed to a new style on newer machines. With this in mind please be sure that pull studs are not the new style.
I see you changed the "springs", are these the spring washers in the draw bar assy.? If so were they replaced with the proper number and stack of spring washers & ones from Mazak or of the same spring pressure? We have seen in very rare cases that the taper in the spindle has been reground/cleaned up so many times that the collets can not pull the tool tight into the spindle and in this case the spindle will need replaced or chromed and reground. Also the collets are pulled into sleeve and closed around have you checked this sleeve out?

Tooling Experts:


Thank you Truong of T.A.T Co., Vietnam       
Problem : Where to buy DNC software and board for Milling machine (controller Fanuc 6M)

More Info: Mori-Seki MV55 machining center with Fanuc 6M Control. Fanuc 6M language and uses RS-274D "G" and "M" codes. These allow all CAD/CAM systems to generate files that the RM/6 can execute. The control is one Fanuc 6M Fanuc Made in Japan A20B-0008-041 0/05C.

Solution : You can find spares at or or and software at and manuals at 

Referance: BIN gives you more...

Connect Fanuc 6M to Computer in DNC: Go to the GE website and download the online instructions for communication setup. And then go to and download NCNet lite along with the PDF download of how to setup a Fanuc. It's free and it works well.




 Spare Fanuc parts: Pennine Automation Limited

Brookwoods Industrial Estate, Holywell Green, Halifax , West Yorkshire , HX4 9BH , UK .

Telephone: +44 (0)1422 310259 Facsimilie: +44 (0)1422 371338 MOBILE PHONE 07939 032805

Email: fanucparts @

Other contacts:  sales @      engineer @

Thank you Ger of Bellmead plant, Dublin Ireland       Bellmead plant
Problem : On a Traub model TNA480 CNC lathe, a loud noise coming from spindle gearbox like a chattering noise.

Tried: Removed gearbox and sent to ZX gearbox (the OEM) and they sent it back as repaired when we refitted the gearbox the exact noise was still there.

Solution : We put a scope on the power input to the motor and saw a very weird sign wave. When we checked out the Siemens drive we found one of the thyristors to be faulty. The faulty thyristor was causing a high frequency vibration in the motor. The vibration in the motor made it sound like the gearbox was failing. We replaced the thyristor and machine ran fine .USUAL CASE OF JUMPING THE GUN

Thank you Ger of Bellmead plant, Dublin Ireland       
Problem : On a : Trumpf model TC500, a p2 servo error on third axis every time you try to reference machine machine displays which axis the error is on by pressing the eyeball hard-key.

Tried: Stripped out stripper holder and found the two semi circular brass alloy rings to be dry and binding on the ram oiled them both and got machine back in operation only to have the same problem 2 weeks later.

Solution : On further investigation found that the automatic tool lubrication was not working due to a leak in the spiller tube. This actually lubricates these rings. Machine is now fine now.

Thank you Ger of Bellmead plant, Dublin Ireland       
Problem : Trumpf tc240 (type 9082) CNC not referenced correctly so I can not run in automatic also the control is in German when you hit reference the machine takes off and looks like it is referenced but when you break the light guard the reference light starts flashing again.

Tried: Inhibited one axis at a time and used different m commands to see if machine will operate .To no avail

Solution : It was the multi-tool which was loosing the index signal because the cable to the proximity switch was broken it was only the switch wire broken so it looked like the switch was working.


Geographical reach


USA    info @   info @

Britain, Scotland, Wales, Ireland,



Thanks Doug D. for the info.       
Problem : We have bought a used Trumpf Laser/Punching machine from a John Deere plant in MI. We are trying to get it up and running but need to find a parameter list for the CNC controller. The controller is a Fanuc GN6. Does anyone in this group have any ideas on were to find this info. Please reply ASAP as machine is in a down state. Thanks Tim
Solution : Here is the parameters for gn6 / Trumpf 180 with laser and 16 tool tool changer.

Also here are the generic Fanuc post processor file that contains it's syntax or whatever for G codes, misc. You might want to look them over.

Thanks wittyjw @ for the info.       
Problem : Have a Cubic CT-5 CNC Lathe with Fanuc OT Controller. Spindle won't turn. Get a AL-12 message inside back panel not on the monitor. Board # A06B-6059-H003. Problem started in the middle of a run of 30 parts. Made 28 good parts.
Solution : It would be useful to have the manual "AC Spindle Servo Unit S Series/P Series", GFZ-65015E, as it is being used as a guide for troubleshooting this alarm.

In section 6, entitled "REPLACING FUSE AND PCB" , you will find the procedure for the removal and troubleshooting of the PCB and Transistor modules. Removal of PCB is necessary to be able to see and troubleshoot the transistor modules, diode block, regenerative resistor and other components. See document below for details.

Alarm 12 may also be caused by a failure in the motor itself. Even if you find problems in the spindle drive area, do not forget to check the motor for possible problems. See document below for details.  Document for troubleshooting AL-12


In order to reach the GEFANUC FAX-On-Demand system, dial (804) 978-6883.  Just follow the recorded directions using the buttons on you pushbutton phone. Order doc number 4240, below.



Troubleshooting AL-12 on S and P Series Spindle Amplifiers. Includes info on testing transistor modules.

Funuc Support                    

Machine Manufacture data:

Cubic machinery, Inc - Company outline standard and special machines introduction (


Thanks jfrogge @ for the info.       
Problem : Looking for a good alternative to the small circle machine company boring & threading bars. Inserts are well over $25.00 each
Solution : Finding tooling venders that meet a price criteria is difficult on the Internet. As most don't list prices. We have added several quality tool sites to our links page under OEM. You can click on word to the left, or surf to  

Thanks rao_r @ for the info.       
Problem : CNC machine was making a lot of noise.
Solution : Problem was thought to be in the spindle, that the spindle might have worn out and maybe chipped, but before doing any maintenance of the spindle, the oil filter was changed and the oil in the tank was cleaned, the noise stopped.

Thanks pointfyndr @ for the info.       
Problem : we have a Mazak h15 horizontal mill that keeps releasing the cutting tool when the spindle gets up to speed. we have had the spindle apart several times, replaced the tool retention fingers and the disc springs. we even had a Mazak service rep in to work on the problem and still this last weekend it did it again. any ideas?
Solution : 

Thanks woldo @ for the info.       
Problem : Our machining processes require the use of a variety of spindles for drilling, milling, and etc.. Some of these applications use bushed guides to maintain the precision of the tooling. The spindles in this type of application are not very precise and usually run until failure requires rebuild, seals are not important enough to allow downtime to the process owner. When seals go the spindle is not far from finished.
Solution : To combat this problem and minimize downtime, we elected to install and air purge system on these spindles. Using a mist lubricator system we can lubricate and purge these spindles. This has increased the life of expectancy of the spindles in one application by more then 300%.

Thanks physical @ for the info.       
Problem : Are there general service companies that will service older pieces of CNC equipment (1988-90), or am I pretty much stuck with the Manufacturer's service?
Solution : You may want to check with your local manufacturing extension Partnership group. They serve as field engineers whose sole purpose is to trouble shoot and develop solutions to manufacturing problems. They have access to a very impressive online resource through NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). The emphasis is on local and/or best practices.

Thank you yahoo for the info.

Problem :Where can I get an explanation of "G" codes for standard CNC machines?

Solution :You can find them on the site.

Thanks bin95 @ for the info.

Problem :What are "M" codes?

Solution :"M" codes are miscellaneous codes, like "M05" for spindle off. A more detailed explanation is at yahoo as mentioned above.

Thanks lynch @ for the info.

Problem :What is Parametric Programming?

Solution :This programming language resides right in the CNC control and can be accessed at G code level, meaning you can combine manual programming techniques with parametric programming techniques. Computer-related features like variables, arithmetic, logic statements, and looping are available.It is used to accomplish things like families of parts, inventing canned cycles, complex motions, driving optional devices, and creating custom Utilities.

Thanks pentium569 @ for the info.

Problem :Is there a G code help screen on 15 series Fanuc controls?

Solution :In the "EDIT" mode, type G and press "INPUT".

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