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Belt Bucket Elevator Design, Use and Care

Belt Bucket Elevator Design by Mike Sondalini

conveyor belt bucket design

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Belt Bucket Elevator Design
ESBN: C60-592B-1b38-20A1

This rare title consists of a comprehensive set of notes to use in the design and fabrication of bucket elevators.  The design process is explained step by step including detailed clarification of the necessary mathematics.  A worked example is provided to show how the design is done. 

Mike Sondalini also covers some useful topics in the care of your conveyor system such as protecting the bearings from dust and water, protecting the electric motor and tuning the belt on elevators and conveyors. This useful advice is applicable to all bulk material handling equipment.

The author gives valuable knowledge about his experiences with bucket elevators. Bucket elevators lift bulk materials from one level to another and function well when designed properly for the duty, and are used as designed.  Since bucket elevators are used on powders, granules, grain, chip shaped products and lumpy materials, problems can occur. Mike notes possible remedies in his white paper. 

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Price:  US$35   NOW US$15.00 (27 pages)

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Table of Contents

  • Overview of belt bucket elevators and their use.
  • Determine throughput capacity.
  • Determine belt speed and throw.
  • Calculate motor power.
  • Calculate top and bottom pulley shaft sizing.
  • Drive arrangement and design.
  • Shaft bearing and seal arrangement.
  • Selecting elevator frame structural members.
  • Inlet and outlet chute design.
  • Considerations in choosing panel materials.
  • Selecting belts and buckets.
  • Methods to take-up belt tension.
  • Protection against bogging the buckets.
  • Clean-out considerations.
  • Dust extraction requirements.
  • Installing the bucket elevator in place.
  • Correct operation of belt bucket elevators.
  • Maintenance of belt bucket elevators.
  • Protecting bearings from dust & water.
  • Bucket elevator experiences.
  • Hazardous areas for dusts and flammables.
  • Electrical Motor Current Protection Saves Your Plant.
  • Dust control concepts.
  • Belt conveyor tuning.
  • Tracking belts on elevators and conveyors.

Price:  US$35   NOW US$15.00 (27 pages)

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