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Speed and Feed Machining Pocket Guide

The Working Shop

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'The Working Shop'

cutting feed speed pocket guide


'The Working Shop' is a pocket book for engineering machinists which addresses metal cutting speeds in a unique way. Speeds can be calculated easily with this guide (mostly in your head). The pages are laminated with high gloss to lasts in the harsh environment which exists on the shop floor. This pocket guide is unique as it has been compiled from 35 years of 'hands on' experience in the turning and milling, jobbing / production sector. For professional, apprentice and amateur machinists alike. 'The Working Shop' has speeds that are proven to work.


This pocket guide does away with the guess work and the dreaded 'Too fast too late syndrome' which costs companies so much in down time and tooling. 


Machining processes addressed in this 24 page pocketbook are: Lathe's, Mills, Drills, Taps and Knurling, each with their own page of speed formula, covering the use of Alloys, Steels and Stainless steels.

Also included in the 24 pages are: Easy single spindle cam calculations , parting off tips, standard thread info (and some not so standard). How to produce a cycle time and a price for a component,  plus handy tips and recommended feeds.



“To purchase email author Gerry Neads at theworkingshop @”

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machiningspeed feed calculator

manual machinecncs


Table of Contents

  • Using the speed formulae

  • Lathe Turning speed formulae

  • Milling Cutter speed formulae

  • Tapping speed formulae

  • HSS Drills speed formulae

  • Knurling speed

  • Parting off tip

  • Charts - Drill and Tap

  • Diagrams - Square threads, Acme, Worm

  • Multi start threads

  • Right angled triangle solutions

  • Reusing old cams

  • Cycle Times to Price

  • Examples

  • Handy formulae


“To purchase email author Gerry Neads at theworkingshop @”


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