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Thanks pachederm for the info.       
Problem : I wanted to reduce the operating costs of my wire coating towers.
Solution : These towers used open air electric radiant heaters. I switched to infrared channel heaters which were 70% more efficient and saved me $47,000 per year and cost about $30,000 to install.


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Problem : Which type of encoder is is most often used with screws, absolute or incremental?

Solution : Absolute encoders are available in single and multi-turn versions. Multi-turn devices are primarily used with measuring screws.


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Problem : What is Polymer?

Solution : Polymer is often used as a synonym for "plastic", but many biological and inorganic molecules are also polymeric. All plastics are polymers, but not all polymers are plastics. Plastic actually refers to the way a material melts and flows.


Thanks Bin95 for the info.

Problem : Where can I learn more about how to stop sharkskin cracking of extruded material?

Solution : In the book "Sharkskin and cracking of polymer melt extrudates" by El Kissi, N., Piau, J.-M. and Toussaint, F. on page 271-290.


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