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Advanced troubleshooting of an industrial control system with this (TIC) Troubleshooting Simulator. 


Process Simulate Training Features

Process Control Solutions & Faults

Evaluating Industrial Process Systems Troubleshooting Skills

Industrial Fluid Systems Training Screen Shots

Watch Industrial Training Video using this software to teach Electrical Motor Control Troubleshooting

Industrial Systems Training Overview Video

Advanced Troubleshooting Industrial Controls (TIC) Training Software
(XP, Vista & WIN7&8 - 64bit compatible!)
ESBN: S03-239A-6040-1ED1


If you enjoyed and gained great learning value from our V4 Electrical troubleshooting training software series, you are now ready for the  Fluid Processing System in the Troubleshooting Industrial Controls Simulation, based on real industrial process systems. This industrial process systems training simulation software uses a fully interactive simulated industrial fluid systems and process control systems to train personnel how to troubleshoot both electrical and mechanical faults in industrial fluid systems. (Process simulates actual industrial technology.)


This simulation models fluid processing systems similar to systems found in various industrial applications. This system consists of a variety of components including a Pump, Agitator, Heaters, Motors, Transformers, Contactors, and Overloads.

The process control portion of the system consists of a variety of components typically found in industrial control systems such as: Temperature, Float, & Selector Switches, Relays, Timers, Pushbuttons, Solenoid Valves, Fuses, and Indicators.


  • Troubleshoot actual faults on this control system simulation
  • Enforces safe work practices while Troubleshooting
  • Shows new techniques and processes for solving faults
  • Over 30 challenging faults to solve
  • Evaluates troubleshooting skills
  • Provides feedback on troubleshooting steps
  • Instructor resources are available


The 51 built in faults to solve, simulate both electrical and mechanical failures. Users can interact with the simulation just like a real system. Users can operate the system remotely or locally. they can take voltage, resistance and current measurements with a multi-meter, inspect, repair and replace components, disconnect and ring out wires.


Customer Comments: "Having 15 years experience in dual trade of Electrician and Instrument Tech in Various industries, I can say that there is nothing else like your software out there in the market or educational sector.

"My first and lasting impression of your e-learning software is that it's outstanding. It's fun, realistic, and informative. I believe it's a real world approach to training without the injuries, equipment damage, and costs that could result from initial OJT."


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The Personal Edition is licensed for personal use. It allows the program to be installed on one computer and may only be used by the individual for whom the license has been purchased. This edition is typically purchased by students, apprentices, tradespersons, etc. wishing to learn or upgrade their troubleshooting skills.
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The Pro Edition provides evaluation and feedback for each fault attempt. It is suitable for situations where developing troubleshooting skills and providing practice is more important than the documentation of results. This edition does not include reporting or other instructor resources.

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The Enterprise Edition 1 PC or Network station, instructor resources and a more detailed learning management system (LMS). Documentation of results, individual and group reporting, and certificates for successful completion make this edition suitable for use in formal training programs. Click Learning Management System comparison details page to learn more about advanced LMS that comes with enterprise edition.

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Process Simulated Training Features:

The industrial process systems simulations are realistic and accurate. They have many features that make for an excellent tool to develop and improve troubleshooting skills.


This simulations are lifelike, having the tools normally used to troubleshoot equipment such as this. Taking meter readings, removing wires, inspecting and replacing components are all standard features. Replacing the Agitator mechanism
The  industrial fluid systems and industrial controls are modeled after real equipment. The behavior of the industrial fluid systems and industrial control components are accurate under normal and faulty conditions and even when wires are disconnected. disconnect wires
The industrial controls equipment models are accurate. The readings taken in the simulation are virtually the same as readings taken on real equipment.Taking resistance reading in the control circuit


Process Control Solutions & Faults:

This simulation contains many types of defects designed to give the user practice on a wide range of potential problems. Typical types of failures are:

  • Opens in components or wiring
  • Shorts in components or wiring
  • Defects in component mechanisms
  • Overloaded and defective 3 phase motors and protective equipment
  • Opens and shorts in 3 phase circuits
  • Defective mechanical components

Faults are organized by difficulty level (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced). Each level has three types of faults: Guided, Practice, and Skill Test.


Guided and Practice faults provide techniques, tips and a place to practice your troubleshooting skills. Skill Test faults evaluate your results and provide feedback.

Watch Industrial Training Video using practice fault in this software to teach Electrical Motor Control Troubleshooting

Monitoring and Feedback


Personal Injury ErrorAs faults are attempted, the program monitors each step from a process safety perspective. Unsafe steps that could cause personal injury, break a process safety rule, or break safe work practices, cause feedback to be provided in the form of an error message. The testing procedures used are also monitored, providing tips or warnings as necessary. 



Evaluating Industrial Process Systems Troubleshooting Skills:

Evaluation of troubleshooting results against several criteriaSummary Screen when program is complete. Notice the bonus tab which also becomes available.
Troubleshooting Skill Assessment Results are evaluated against several criteria.Training Assessment Summary Screen when program is complete. Notice the bonus tab which also becomes available.

The program evaluates a userís troubleshooting skill on each fault attempt as well as provides an Overall Program Summary Evaluation.


Fault Evaluation

Each attempt to solve and repair a fault is evaluated based on standard set of criteria.

Successful Fault Completion Criteria:

  • Fault must be correctly repaired
  • No safety errors occurred
  • No components unnecessarily replaced
  • Fault repaired within time allowed
  • Fault repaired within allowed troubleshooting process rating

If the criteria are not met, the fault is marked incomplete and the fault will have to be attempted again. The reasons for failure will be displayed.

If the criteria are met, the fault is marked complete and a rating is shown for the attempt. The Skill Rating takes into account the results of the current attempt plus the results of any previous attempt.


Overall Summary

When completed, the program summarizes all the userís results and provides an overall summary of their results.

The Skill Rating takes into account the difficulty of each fault completed. The more difficult a fault the more it impacts the Skill Rating.


Also shown in this summary is a list of the major errors. This information is important in determining areas for improvement.


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Process Simulate Training Features

Industrial Systems Training Overview Video

Process Control Solutions & Faults

Evaluating Industrial Process Systems Troubleshooting Skills

Watch Industrial Training Video using this software to teach Electrical Motor Control Troubleshooting

Industrial Fluid Systems Training Screen Shots


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