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Maintenance Obituary

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 By: Joel Leonard 

The Maintenance Job - A humorous look at the old maintenance mentality.

 maintenance job

The Death of Bubba & Skeeter

With the advent of technological advances and the movement from reactive maintenance to proactive maintenance, Bubba & Skeeter are officially deceased.

Although they have served the organization for the last several decades, they leave behind no written documentation of any of their past work orders. Interestingly, as we researched their work area, we discovered several hundred thousand dollars worth of spare parts inventory stashed away in cubby holes.

Despite Bubba's prediction that computers would be a fad, all other maintenance personnel plan, schedule and document their maintenance activities. They also have a complete history of all of their maintenance activities and to conserve costs, utilize our centralized spare parts inventory. .

Also left behind are Bubba's & Skeeter's tool belts and work pants, notoriously worn to expose their posterior cleavage. In addition, they leave behind their fermented spittoon and mounds of tobacco chaw that usually trickled outside of their mouths as they garbled out undiscernable instructions to their colleagues.

We will miss Bubba's & Skeeter's dedication to crisis maintenance. As we are actually performing PM's, our emergency maintenance requirements are minimal.

We did learn that Bubba & Skeeter were not completely technological adverse. They utilized the company's $50,000 infrared camera to detect which cheerleaders were re-engineered and utilized the ultrasound listening device to detect deer flatulence on hunting trips. We also discovered that Skeeter converted the CMMS CDs into fishing lures.

Before your business becomes extinct, you may want to terminate your company's Bubba & Skeeter Maintenance Practices.

Joel Leonard