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Slip and Fall Safety Around Chip Machine

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By Chip Systems International

Safety: Avoiding Slip and Fall





Avoiding a Slip and Fall

Whether you are working in a cubicle environment or in a warehouse environment, safety should always come first. Some industries may not use chemicals which can cause residue while many jobs do, which can lead to a slip and fall situation.  In a work environment where heavy machines are used, some of the chemicals and parts can cause slippery residue to form on the floor.  Every machinist whose job is to run heavy equipment are trained and mentored before allowing to produce any materials. Each machinist is trained on how to use the machine as well as the upkeep and maintenance.


Another industrial example, the book binding industry uses and operates heavy machinery which needs to be oiled and kept clean as to avoid a detrimental situation.  From all the puncturing of papers and hard covers, the warehouse where the books are bound uses briquetting machine systems and mist collectors to keep the machines in working order and the area free of dust and oily residue.


With metal scrapping, there are many objects which help turn scraps into usable and durable metal. From the chip wringers to the coolant filters to conveyors, each person using these objects and chips need to be trained in safety properly.  A slip and fall in the warehouse could cause serious consequences from breaking a hip to hitting your head. Using mist collectors to collect the residue produced by a briquetting equipment system will help avoid these slip and fall circumstances from occurring.


Imagine being out of work for days to months and surviving on disability insurance What if you had a family to support, would they be able to survive just on the amount of money you would be receiving?  When working in an environment with large, heavy machines that use briquetting blocks that give off residues of oil and dust, to avoid a slip and detrimental fall, follow all the appropriate rules and laws centering on safety.  If you are a worker who doesn't see mist collectors being used or see oils sitting around on the floor, let the manager know of the situation.  Being aware of the residue that briquetting machines forms could save your life or a co-workers.


Chip Systems International designs and manufactures the world's most reliable equipment for chip and cutting fluid management solutions including conveyors, shredders, centrifuges, mist collectors, briquetting equipment, coolant filters chip washing and chip drying equipment.


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