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Jobs at LinkedIn?

Yes, by networking on LinkedIn


The road less traveled is sometime more valuable than beaten path. This is especially true on LinkedIn where job social networking can be more productive than the actual jobs at LinkedIn listed on their  jobs tab. It is accepted knowledge now days that networking in job search is one of your most valuable job search tools. As LinkedIn is made up of professionals networking with each other, contact info and virtually a resume on every profile, job social networking can be one the best ways to find jobs at LinkedIn.


How to job social networking on LinkedIn?


One word, Groups. Not only will you meet and be able to demonstrate your expertise to potential employers, you will also find those looking to hire posting jobs and their needs within the groups. Also you ask others in your targeted industry of jobs they heard of, that may not be list in the paid jobs at LinkedIn area. (You will be surprised at the number of employers who do not want to list their job openings online if they have to pay for it.)


Below are some good areas to start (LinkedIn groups to join) ..


Of course our group first ... The main Business Industrial Network Group

and our sub-group Industrial News and Jobs


For our fellow Veterans, be sure see Veteran Job Opportunities (Jobs tab), U.S. Veteran - Jobs (No Jobs tab, all jobs posted in main discussion area) and to join Veteran Owned Businesses, as who better to hire Veterans than Veteran owned business. :>)


Jobs at LinkedIn


BIG LinkedIn Job Tip:


When you join a group on LinkedIn and you click the "Jobs" tab at the top, it takes you to what jobs at LinkedIn refers to as "the premium Jobs List" (See this Industrial Maintenance Jobs tab as an example). Those "premium jobs" are only the ones employers paid for, so there is typically only a handful listed. Also those are the ones that most people not familiar with jobs at LinkedIn, click on and apply for, so you will most likely have stiff competition to actually get hired. But while you are on that "premium jobs" page, look to your left for the link that reads "Job Discussions" and click on it for each group you join. Those are not known and clicked on by as many people, so your chances are better. You also typically find a lot more postings. Like in the Industrial Maintenance Job Discussions group page example above , the job discussion area had 57 post while the paid listing "premium jobs" area only had 3 posting. In the jobs discussion area you'll get a combination of post consisting of companies posting job openings, recruiters posting their openings and individuals looking for jobs posting their info. Be sure to post your job needs in the jobs discussion area too, while you are there, if your linkedin profile is ready (updated and complete).


Some more LinkedIn group examples to look for jobs at LinkedIn, do job social networking on and review job discussion posting for...


Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) (Paid job listings) (Jobs discussions)

Manufacturing Executive (Paid job listings) (Jobs discussions)

PEX Network - Lean Six Sigma & Process Excellence for... (1000+ some not relevant Paid job listings) (Jobs discussions)

SME Society of Manufacturing Engineers (Paid job listings) (Jobs discussions)

SMRP - Group for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (Paid job listings) (Jobs discussions)

Power Plant Operations & Maintenance (Paid job Listings) (Job Discussions)

Veteran Job Opportunities (Paid jobs listings) (Jobs Discussions)


You can also search jobs at linkedin for specific groups like "veteran jobs" <<< click to see


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as we will add more jobs at linkedin resource groups as we learn about them.


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