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EZ Schematic Diagram Software

Easier to use electrical schematic software with more accurate NEMA symbols.


schematic diagram software

EZ Schematic Diagram


This EZ Schematic Diagram Software is electrical schematic software made easy to replace drawing electrical diagrams and schematics on a napkin at the dinner table. Yet functional enough to update drawings for electrical systems or a house wiring diagram, etc. Includes NEMA, IEC and Electronic symbol libraries, as well as the ability to create your own symbols.


What sets this software apart from others? EZ Schematics is easier to use and has more accurate NEMA schematic symbols, and much less expensive than other electrical cad software.



EZ Schematics :


This electrical diagram software is designed to allow maintenance, electricians and engineers to easily update electrical diagrams and easily print out a professional looking electrical schematic or wiring diagram. Instead of just scribbling on original electrical schematic or wiring diagrams. Designed to be much easier to use than typical electrical CAD software and as quick as jotting down electrical schematics and wiring diagrams on notepaper.


It comes with the electrical standard NEMA Symbols and IEC Symbols in the exact proportions you've grown used to and are comfortable with. With the snap feature symbols are placed in precise locations resulting in a professional document you would be proud to place your name on. (Also comes with an Electronic Symbols library.)


Are you a field technician, don't have time to learn a new software? Unlike typical electrical CAD software, EZ Schematics is much easier to learn and quicker too!


One of the many reasons this electrical schematic software is quicker is that it automatically orientates the symbols  the way you would normally use them (unless you opt not to), in contrast to other electrical schematic software that requires you to rotate each symbol after placing it in electrical drawing.


Bonus: 3 circuit simulations built in for learning purposes. See the voltage change after you click on push button symbol or after timer times up in some circuit simulations.

circuit simulator


Order Now:

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Within 24 hours, email will be sent with unlock code.

Or you may consider ordering the EZ Schematics Pro. The Pro version includes hydraulics library so you can draw hydraulic schematics too, and much more. Click link above for details.


Electrical Diagram Drawing Tip:

Highlight parts of the electrical schematic (diagram) in color to demonstrate the principle of voltage potentials. This gives the end user a visual concept and understanding of the voltage differences (voltage potential) throughout the circuit. Now the circuit becomes more dimensional in the sense that it's not just a black and white schematic (diagram), but rather a more dynamic illustration. See the example below drawn using this EZ Schematic software. In this case, all of the high side voltage (120 with respect to neutral), is displayed in red. The low voltage (neutral) is represented in blue. 

Electrical Schematic Software Example - Forward/Reverse Starter Circuit

Click electrical diagram above to zoom.


Coming soon, EZ Schematics introduction and help videos: Electrical diagram drawing basics, Auto-increment labels, Creating templates, printing to PDF and more.


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