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Management Concepts and Ideas: Ian Sutton

A FREE Ebook to compliment the Ebooks below by Ian Sutton.


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Management Concepts and Ideas ...
In order to illustrate many of the concepts and ideas discussed in Ian Sutton's series of ebooks, four simple worked examples are provided in this free ebook. A full download of this ebook is available at no cost by right clicking Management Concepts and Ideas, then select 'Save Target As'.

Example 1: Process Flow

The first example shows a simple process involving the flow of liquid from a tank into a pressure vessel. This example is used to illustrate the principles and techniques of process hazards analysis.

Figure 1
Process Flow Example

Management concepts and ideas - example 1

Example 2:  Equipment

The second example is to do with an equipment item that is widely used throughout the process industries: a shell and tube heat exchanger. The example is used to illustrate equipment failure analysis techniques, particularly Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA).

Figure 2
Heat Exchanger Example

img moved

Example 3:  Operations

Figure 3 shows a forced draft cooling tower. Warm water from the users enters at the top of the tower then flows down the packing into the basin. Air is pulled into the base of the tower by the fans at the top of the tower. The air flows counter-currently against the warm water. Some of the air evaporates, thus cooling the water. The cooled water is pumped to the users. Make up water and treatment chemicals are added as shown.

This example is used to illustrate the development of operating and maintenance procedures.

Figure 3
Cooling Tower Example

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Example 4:  Management Workflow

The fourth example illustrates the development and use of risk management systems.

Figure 4
Work Flow Example

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Example 5:  Significant Potential Incident

A cone-roof, atmospheric storage tank stores a non-flammable, low vapor pressure inorganic liquid. The vapor space above the chemical is air; the tank breathes in and out through a simple vent line, as shown in Figure 5. Also shown is a vehicle; one of the facility roads runs close to the tank. A fairly steady stream of vehicles uses the road. The fifth and final example illustrates the development and use of risk management systems.

The pump stopped operating, the check valve failed to hold and light hydrocarbons flowed backward into the tank. A layer of hydrocarbons formed on top of the inorganic liquid, as shown.

Figure 5
Reverse Flow Scenario

Management concepts and ideas - example 5

The hydrocarbons in the tank vaporized, then vented to atmosphere as shown. A hydrocarbon detector located about 100 meters from the tank detected the presence of flammable vapors.

The vapors did not light off. However the potential for a serious event is high � the vapors could have ignited at a vehicle engine. The flame front could have entered the tank and caused the vapors in the tank to explode.

Table of Contents

Example 1: Process Flow
Example 2: Equipment
Example 3: Operations
Example 4: Risk Management Workflow Plan
   External Standard
   Risk Analysis Plan
   Audit / Deltas  
   Success / Continuous Improvement
Example 5: Significant Potential Incident


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