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Hydraulic Engineering: Fluid Power Training

Pneumatic and Hydraulic training certificate course.


Prod #:  KTD-600-FluidPowerTrainer (25 hours)

Fluid Power Trainer:
 This Fluid Power Trainer certificate course covers basic theory and a few formulas using animation and interactivity to make it interesting. So this course makes a great hydraulic engineering preparation course or refresher and great for maintenance training. Or if you are just asking ...

How do hydraulics work?

 This course will get you there. After the hydraulic engineering introduction in the Basic Fluid Power Principles section, you move on to hydraulics and pneumatics practical application, followed by hydraulic pumps and miscellaneous components. Of course, as with all of our maintenance related courses, it raps the course up with a troubleshooting section. This course software also  has a built in lab manual, fluid power symbols table and glossary. Over a hundred of the most common ISO CETOP hydraulic symbols covered too.

hydraulic engineering

The courses begin with fluid power basics: physics laws, systems basics and design, analysis, and components while demonstrating how these systems are applied in the real world. Applications of hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems and vacuum systems are demonstrated.


Fluid Power Training course sections:

☑ Basic Fluid Power Engineering Principles (22 sub sections)

☑ Pneumatic and Hydraulic Schematics Symbols (5 sub sections)

☑ How Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinders Work (22 sub sections)

☑ How Hydraulic and Pneumatic Control Valves Work (6 sub sections)

☑ 3-Way & 4-Way Valves (4 sub sections)

☑ 4-Way & 5-Way Valves (13 sub sections)

☑ Hydraulic Pumps (10 sub sections)

☑ Hydraulic and Pneumatic Components (5 sub sections)

☑ Hydraulic Troubleshooting (6 sub sections)

☑ Interactive Quiz (55 questions)
☑ Laboratory Manual (62 pages)
☑ Password protected Student Log File
☑ Ability to print Certificate of Completion (must score 80% or better)


If you view this first video of the Fluid Power course on our Youtube channel, be sure to subscribe while there. As this is just the first of a series that will me made including many real world vacuum, pneumatic and hydraulic applications explained using interactive simulations in this course software.

Interact with simulated pneumatic and hydraulic systems...

 Learn how to read schematics, understand how pneumatic and hydraulic systems operate in order to troubleshoot hydraulics and pneumatics systems effectively. Fortune 500 companies, schools and universities, mechanics, contractors and various apprenticeship programs and training centers around the world us this interactive training software course to supplement their hydraulic engineering training. Some use the included 62 page Lab manual to design their own fluid power, hydraulics and pneumatics courses around it. Built in lab manual, 22 page glossary, fluid power symbols table and other supporting documentation are in PDF format so instructor can print and hand out to students. Students learn so much more than just how hydraulics works.


 Unlike other training software providers, our site licenses for corporate training departments and educational training institutions are a one time extremely low purchase price. Also we differ in that our site license are for Unlimited Users and unlimited installations with No annual fees. Contact us for a quote.

(Download the free fluid power training course demo.)


hydraulic pump engineering
Static Head Pressure section.


pneumatic system
Pneumatic Systems section.

After taking this course, you will have a better understanding of fluid power principles, associated standards, pneumatic and hydraulic symbols, and fluid power system circuit diagrams. You will also be able to report on common faults and problems encountered in fluid power systems.

Completion of the online training courses does not constitute IFPS Certification; however, after completion of the course, you may be better prepared to take the appropriate IFPS certification test.

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