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Troubleshooting Industrial Controls (TIC)

Training Software Features List by Edition



Feature Personal Workplace
Allowed User Enrollment 1 1
Number of Faults:    
Troubleshooting Industrial Controls 51 51
Guided Faults
Progress and Results Tracking
Feedback on Troubleshooting Results
Scoring System
Printable Certificate of Completion
Individual Reports
Customizable Regional Settings
Administration Program
Customizable Program Settings
Variety of Individual/Group Reports
Export User Results to .csv
Instructor Resources*
Network Installation

*Instructor Resources include:

1. The Course Manager program that allows an administrator to:

  • Manage users and passwords
  • View users progress
  • Generate user reports
  • Generate group reports
  • Modify program settings


2. An Instructor Guide for each troubleshooting program containing:

  • Program goals and objectives
  • Program description
  • Tips on using the programs
  • A list of all faults and their solutions


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