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Automated Predictive Maintenance (APdM)
This article Automated Predictive Maintenance (APdM) - Automated Phase Angle Diagnostics of Rotating Equipment, demonstrates one primary area of prodictive maintenance (Pdm) that can be automated for great cost savings.

Chromatograph removes hydrocarbons in catalyst hydroprocessing - regeneration.
When the reactors of Hydroprocessing Units and Reformers and other plant equipment are given for maintenance or for regeneration of the catalyst, it becomes necessary to remove all residual hydrocarbons from the system.

Mobile Military Robots Hydrogen Fuel Cell
Hydrogen fuel cells (hydrocell), will revolutionize the military robots (war robots) industry, also the industrial autonomous robots industry. Especially the mobile robot industry.

Pharma industry report: Supply Chain Management RFID Systems
All about RFID systems for pharmaceutical distributors and the FDA regulations on drugs. The pharmaceutical supply chain makes an excellent example of supply chain management rfid used for a track and trace system.

Electrical Engineering students: Why so much theoretical?
Answer to the common question Electrical Engineering students ask: Why so much theoretical and so little practical application? [hands-on] Senior Instructor Don, answers that common question with a unique analogy that clarifies.