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Industrial Electrical Troubleshooting - Motors
An article on industrial electrical troubleshooting with sections on industrial electric motor control and programmable logic controller. Motor test and short circuit training.

Preventive Maintenance, electrical preventive maintenance PM checklist.
This article - Electrical Preventive Maintenance Will Keep You Safe and Warm, from our preventive maintenance selection, provides great advice and a electrical preventive maintenance checklist.

Electrical Training: Problem solving, troubleshooting, electrical testing.
Troubleshooting electrical circuits and equipment can be complex problem solving. This article describes the skills required to become an expert at troubleshooting.

Electrician Training: Troubleshooting electrical industrial equipment
This article helps with electrician training by describing a systematic electrical troubleshooting approach for industrial equipment and troubleshooting circuits.

Hazardous Area Installation management - safety compliance costs.
Hazardous Area Article - How to make 92 % of sites safer without increasing the costs of compliance. Also discuss hazardous area classification, maintenance safety and explosion proof protection.

How a photoelectric sensor saved my job - food industry.
How a Photoelectric Sensor Saved My Job. An article by author Larry Bush about how a more advanced photo sensor on a canning equipment seamer in the food processing industry had saved his job.

Infrared Data Errors in Infrared Scanning Surveys
This article is about how to reduce infrared data errors when conducting infrared scanning surveys for electrical equipment testing and building scanning.

Infrared Applications: Thermography Applications for businesses
Infrared Applications: With many examples of thermography applications for businesses, this article shows how the Online Infrared Training Center grows both careers and business revenues!

Planning for Emergency Power
Planning for Emergency Power; A great source for selecting portable generator, with much information on CAT diesel generator, permanent backup, mobile power, and sourcing equipment.

PLC Training Video Transcription: PLC Wiring Tutorial
This PLC Training Video Transcription is for the PLC Wiring Tutorial video on this page.

Residential Electrician to Industrial Electrician Career Guide
A Career Guide for Residential Maintenance and Residential Electricians. The residential maintenance persons should keep the much higher paying Industrial Maintenance career option as an industrial careers pathway.

What is Infrared Thermography
Article: What is infrared thermography with what is thermography video. Both included what is thermography and how does thermal imaging work and its industrial applications.