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Preventive Maintenance: Electrical Preventive Maintenance and the PM Checklist.

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Electrical Preventive Maintenance Can Prevent Fires 



"The article below; "Electrical Preventive Maintenance Will Keep You Safe and Warm" was written for us by Stuart Smith, MBA, MS. He is an avid writer about CMMS and EAM software solutions for Mintek Mobile Data Solutions. Stuart has over 25 years experience running operations in multiple industries."






Electrical Preventive Maintenance Will Keep You Safe and Warm

By Stuart Smith


With much of the nation buried under mountains of snow or enduring freezing temperatures, now is the time to make sure that your industrial facilities have been inspected for potential electrical problems. Without proper preventive maintenance on your electrical systems, disaster can happen before you have time to thaw.


Why Perform Preventive Maintenance on Electrical Systems


During the winter months, power requirements are higher for many industries as facilities struggle to keep buildings warm and their assets in operation. In addition, in today's economic environment, facility and plant managers also struggle with efforts to lower power consumption in order to reduce expenses.


Training and specialized equipment such as programmable logic controllers (PLC) can only help so much. All of the above goals contribute to a variety of issues that includes but is not limited to:


Ten Reasons to Perform Electrical Preventive Maintenance


How Often Should Electrical PM be done?


Electrical systems should have a thorough inspection by a licensed electrician every 3 to 5 years. Individual assets should be inspected according to manufacturer directions or based upon experience and industrial training in a particular environment. For example, some motors may need to be inspected quarterly, air handlers annually and so on. Preventive maintenance, inspections and work orders are best handled using CMMS software for the scheduling and recording of activity, results and notes.


Preventive maintenance of electrical systems goes beyond the visual or scheduled predictive maintenance work. A full electrical PM is a complete look at the electrical system including;


Sample Electrical PM Items


Electrical PM Tools


Performing electrical preventive maintenance can be done with the help of a number of technology tools. Which tool or combination of that works best for your facility depends on the type, location and accessibility of assets. The most important part about performing preventive maintenance is that is must be planned and be consistent. Regardless of the type of tool used to identify problems all electrical repair/install work should be done by a licensed electrician.


The goals of reliability, condition based, predictive and preventive maintenance are all the same which is to keep assets working in optimal condition for the longest period of time at the lowest overall cost to an organization. Some of the tools available are:



Electrical inspection checklists and resources


Every organization has a unique set of assets. Therefore, it is unlikely that the same electrical inspection checklist will be the same. The following links are examples of electrical preventive maintenance checklist or good resources to develop your own checklists:



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stuart smith - tampa, fl
electrical pm author

About the author:

Stuart smith, mba, ms is an avid writer about cmms and eam software solutions for mintek mobile data solutions. Stuart specializes in start-ups, turnarounds, biotech and new technologies, company analysis, micro-enterprise development areas to name a few. He has over 25 years experience running operations in multiple industries.



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