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LEAN Maintenance Six Sigma Black Belt

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Why there are not Six Sigma Black Belts in your Lean maintenance department.

Lean Maintenance

Lean Maintenance Management


The LEAN Maintenance Six Sigma Black Belt article explores why are there so few Six Sigma black belts in Six Sigma maintenance departments. In the manufacturing future, there will be less humans and more automation, thus more focus on Lean maintenance management.

Ever increasing automation and the need for six sigma maintenance reliability capitalizing on lean maintenance principles and practices will bring about six sigma black belts jobs in the maintenance department. Just like relatively recently, maintenance planner jobs have sprung up. Most likely the first phase of this evolution will be Six Sigma black belts as maintenance managers. Then the industry will realize the effective lean maintenance management is to get maintenance technicians six sigma black belt training.

Now is the time to explore barriers to why there are Not Six Sigma Black Belts in your Lean Maintenance department...



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Don Fitchett  - Business Industrial Network  (BIN) -
About the Author: Don Fitchett founded the activity based costing system called "True Downtime Cost" (TDC), authored books and speaks at conventions on the topic and is president of BIN. Don has been in the industrial training sector for over two decades, setting up training programs around the world, and still conducts training seminars to this day.

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