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Troubleshooting Electrical Control Circuits (TCC)

Great for the learning electrician as well as seasoned vets.


Try this award winning maintenance troubleshooting program.

Maintenance troubleshooting relay control circuits.

Click to see electrical control circuit above full screen

Windows 10,7 & 8 compatible software (64bit or 32bit)


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Troubleshooting Control Circuits - Personal Edition
ESBN: V03-2800-6040-0CC1

This award-winning, electrical training program created by Simutech Multimedia builds on the Troubleshooting Electrical Circuits program. Here, you will increase your maintenance troubleshoot skill with a more complex electrical control circuit consisting of numerous relays, switches, lights, and solenoids. You will use the elementary wiring schematic,  connection wiring diagrams and a volt ohm meter to troubleshoot 50+ faults of varying difficulty. The program contains sections to describe how the 2 circuit works as well as how to use the maintenance troubleshooting tools. The program evaluates the time and money spent to solve the fault and records all the steps performed to solve the fault. This can be used for later analysis of your maintenance troubleshooting approach.


  • Safely Learn to Troubleshoot Electrical Control Circuits
  • Highly Realistic Simulation of a Relay Control Circuits
  • Practical Hands-On Approach with 50+ Fault to solve
  • Use an Personal's experience to improve your troubleshooting approach
  • Assesses the User's Maintenance Troubleshooting Skill
  • Tracks and Records Every Step Taken While Troubleshooting
  • Highly realistic simulation - The simulation behaves as the real circuit would. You can remove wires, operate any controls, and the circuit will behave appropriately. This is a true simulation!
  • Realistic Tools. While using Troubleshooting - Electrical Control Circuits you are able to perform virtually every operation used on real equipment including:
    • operating the electrical control circuits
    • locking out the electrical control circuit
    • taking voltage and resistance readings
    • opening connections
    • replacing components and wiring
    • using the observe feature you can even check for visual or other clues to the cause of the fault
  • A fully simulated door lock circuit is available to practice your troubleshooting skills.
  • Schematics and wiring diagrams can be viewed on screen or printed out to help you understand the circuit and eventually track down problem areas to solve faults.
  • A section is included to guide you through the troubleshooting process using three sample faults.
  • Fifty plus faults are available to solve with various levels of difficulty. This electrical training program evaluates your performance by tracking time and dollars spent to repair the fault.
  • An automatic reporting system is also included which generates a report of your progress including every step made while troubleshooting the fault.
  • Administration tools and program guides are available for Instructors with Workplace bundles.


Who Can Benefit

College students as well as the learning electrician first starting out, find these

programs increase both their skills and confidence when troubleshooting electrical control circuits. Seasoned industrial electrical and maintenance personnel also benefit by refining their reasoning process and increasing the effectiveness of their troubleshooting skills, resulting in reduced downtime
of equipment.

New Transit Edition: This software now is available only as download on subscription bases. A Single User purchase allows the single user to install on up to 3 computers. That user's progress is uploaded to the cloud, so user can continue where they left off at work, on their home computer. Learn more about Transit Edition of Electrical Troubleshooting Training Software.


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Windows 10, 7 & 8 32&64 bit compatible !

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Course Table of Contents

Door Lock Circuit Simulator   Troubleshooting - Electrical Control Circuits

Learn 10 valuable tips for troubleshooting problems on all types of electrical equipment, including finding malfunctions caused by multiple component failures and locating intermittent faults.
Learn How the Circuit Works   How the Circuit Works

This section describes how the door lock electrical control circuit simulation works. Go to this section to see an animated tutorial of this electrical control circuit and learn how the electrical control circuit works.
Get Experience with Practice Exercises   Using the Tools

Here, animation and narration are used to show you how to operate the electrical control circuit and use the tools to troubleshoot faults.
Guided Troubleshooting   Guided Troubleshooting

This section guides you through the troubleshooting process on three typical faults. Here you can practice using the troubleshooting approach to answer a series of questions and repair faults on the electrical control circuit simulation.
Fault Attempt Evaluation   Test Your Skill

Here you will troubleshoot and repair faults on the electrical control circuit simulation. This program will evaluate your results based on the time and money spent to repair the fault. If your results meet the criteria set by the program, the fault will be marked complete. Otherwise you will have to try it again.
Connection Wiring Diagram   Wiring Diagram

Wiring diagrams can be viewed on screen or printed out.


Or click to order all 3 CBTs in the Troubleshooting series and SAVE  !!


Old V3 demo available >> TCC DEMO


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