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The Japanese Path To Maintenance Excellence.

By Mike Sondalini

The e-book that tells you how the Japanese destroy maintenance!

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maintenance excellence in JapanCompiled after a visit by author Mike Sondalini to a World Class Japanese Chemical Manufacturer’s process manufacturing plant last year. 

This e-book is about the Japanese way of doing asset management and maintenance. If you think you already have a good system then you will enjoy reading it as you compare yours and theirs. If you have a poor system then you will get a totally different view of how great maintenance can be done.

A quote from the author ...

"The part that really excited me was when the Japanese explained in detail, with sketches and flow charts, how they destroyed and eradicated maintenance! The simplicity and sense in their methods was a wonder to behold. They were very kind hosts, and wonderful teachers. Everything they told me is now in the ebook."

You must never accept equipment failure as normal – it can be stopped.

 managementquality pdf ebookPDF format allows you to print these E-books out and let all of your facility personnel read them! Not only is multiple copies in your facility allowed, but the author encourages it! (Try finding a training CD, book or other media that offers free multiple copy value.)
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maintenance excellence


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Table of Contents

You'll learn about:

How they use quality system methods to get quality maintenance results.

Where they apply condition monitoring to find problems before they occur.

The continuous improvement process that improves the profitability of their plant's operation.

How they combine CMMS and failure analysis to develop strategic plans.

When they use historical maintenance data to focus their future improvement plans.

Their 'tool kit' approach to selecting the maintenance methodology to use.

The 'mind set' that guides their every decision in the war against maintenance.

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