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"Petrochemical companies safely prevent unscheduled downtime, and improve the output of process equipment with this IR training."


This Online IR training course for petrochemical industries is a 21 hour course on theory and application in the use of IR  imaging to locate and evaluate problems within oil and chemical processing plants. Topics covered include electrical distribution equipment, mechanical systems, high temperature processing equipment, and infrared inspection of boiler and heater tubes. This is an IR inspection certificate course focus on areas of most value to this particular industry, but may be applied to the training requirements for thermographer certification.

This online IR training course covers infrared theory, heat transfer concepts, equipment operation and selection, standards compliance, thermal imaging of gas & oil refinery infrastructure inspection analysis and report generation. Besides the Infrared thermography basics previously mentioned, there are IR training topics included specific to oil refining process and natural gas production  processing plant (petrochemical companies) .

Self directed learning activities are provided to help student gain practical experience and do not require an infrared camera to successfully complete this course.  The petroleum engineering technician to the chemical engineering technician in the oil refining process to natural gas production industries will find this online IR course of great value. In petroleum engineering and for the petroleum engineering technician / petrochemical plant maintenance, special and extreme conditions associated with IR inspections, special safety and applications instructions apply when using IR technology for ...

Steam systems

Oil, Gas, Chemical process equipment

Heat exchangers

Storage vessels

IR inspection windows

Pressurization/depressurization techniques

Boilers and heater tubes

heaters and furnaces

... many more.


In summary this online IR training is focused on infrared inspections for petrochemical companies, IR testing in chemical and processing plant and thermal imaging infrastructure inspections, including boilers, furnaces and other unique extreme Infrared thermography applications. Infrared thermography applications that should be a part of maintenance, technicians and engineers working in the petrochemical industries.



Infrared Mechanical Testing Applications Online Training:

Basic Infrared Theory:

  • Heat transfer
  • Electromagnetic spectrum
  • Emittance, reflectance, and transmittance
  • Atmospheric transmission
  • IR imaging systems and lens materials

Infrared Inspection Equipment:

  • IR equipment selection criteria
  • Range and level settings
  • IR Equipment set-up & operation
  • Infrared image interpretation & recording
  • IR Equipment care & maintenance

Infrared Electrical System Inspections:

  • Theory and thermal signatures of problems
  • Seven types of detectable defects
  • Conducting an inspection
  • Safety practices
  • Confirming exceptions
  • Data recording
  • Standards for inspections

Infrared Mechanical Testing and Inspections:

  • Theory and thermal signatures of mechanical problems
  • Rotating equipment
  • Power transmission components
  • High-temperature insulation
  • Steam systems, process equipment, heat exchangers, storage vessels
  • Active thermographic inspection techniques
  • Safety practices
  • Confirming exceptions
  • Data recording
    • Standards for infrared  inspection

Structural Energy Loss Inspections:

  • Theory and component construction
  • Insulation & material characteristics
  • Inspection techniques
    • interior / exterior
  • Weather variables and models
  • Required site conditions
    • creating sufficient delta-T
  • Pre-inspection procedures
  • Inspection and data recording
  • Verification of data
  • Conduction losses by insufficient, missing, damaged or improperly-installed insulation:
    • weather variables and influences
    • thermal signatures
  • Convection losses by uncontrolled air movement:
    • natural and forced convection
    • thermal signatures
    • pressurization/depressurization techniques
  • Standards for inspection:
    • end user and thermographer responsibilities
    • safety practices
    • data gathering and report preparation
  • Infrared inspections of boilers and heater tubes

Implementing an IR Predictive Maintenance Program:

  • 9 steps to setting up an infrared thermography a program
  • Integrating thermal imaging surveys with other predictive technologies
  • Cross-verifying with other predictive technologies
  • Why infrared thermography programs fail, how they succeed
  • Generating standards compliant reports

Course tuition includes 24 hour access to all online course presentations, Student Reference Manual, online quizzes, self-directed field assignments, proof of course completion, and free ground shipping of course materials to the continental US. Student must complete training within 60 days of registration.


This IR training for the petrochemical industry has enhanced many predictive maintenance programs (PdM) in oil refining process and with oil refinery infrastructure. Predictive maintenance  like spotting the initial breakdown in the furnace refractory by routine IR inspections.

This IR online training is a must for the petrochemical plant maintenance technician.

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"Good course with excellent training aids and a sales pressure-free presentation." Andy Velo - ISP Chemicals


"Attending this course will take you from surviving to excelling.." Steve Brown - Sun Chemical Company


"It took us less than 3 months to recover not only our initial investment in infrared equipment, but the technician’s salary as well." Keith Hill - Lyondell Petrochemical


"After the course, I presented management with a conservative cost avoidance for a 6-month period that exceeded $880,000." Bill Schafer - National Starch & Chemical


"I have been through training courses for almost every area of NDT and this course was the best I’ve ever taken. The staff is professional, well informed and well prepared. They’ve done their homework and present information in a most practical manner. A “must take” course for anybody in the business." Carl Gustafson - Amoco Oil Company


"Great clarity of presentation – taught extremely well. You won’t get bored. You will have fun while learning. Opens many avenues you weren’t aware of." Hal McElroy - Insulating Coatings Corporation


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