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Troubleshooting with the PLC 5, SLC 500 and MicroLogix using Allen-Bradley's RSLogix


A Maintenance & Engineering Training Seminar


Atlanta Schedule:  Jan 24- 26, 2017 (<< Full. See April 2018 Las Vegas PLC Training as these fill quickly)

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What you will learn ...
  • Basic use RSLogix Software

    • Starting RS Linx and RS Logix

    • PC to PLC Communications

    • Working efficiently with tool bars

    • On Line and Off Line Operation

    • Quickly compare PLC program copies

    • Communicating with the PLC

    • Burning the EPROM

    • Find your way around in large PLC programs

    • Using Rs Logix as your second troubleshooting partner

    • Forces Enabled/Disabled safely

    • Data files and subroutines

    • How to find your own answers using software

    • Questions from the audience

  • PLC Ladder Logic

    • Is it normally open or normally closed?

    • A basic rung of logic

    • RS Logic Instruction types

    • MCR, JSR and basic structure of a PLC program

    • Adjusting Timers and Counters

    • What is integers, binary, floating point data memory areas.

    • Symbols (tags) and rung descriptions

    • Searching ladder logic

    • Understanding scan cycle

  • Standard Operating Practices (SOP)

    • Backing up your PLC programs

    • Protecting your PLC programs

    • Reliable operating procedures

    • EPROM for zero downtime

    • Documenting change

    • Safety while troubleshooting

    • File Management

    • Downloading and Uploading

  • Troubleshoot Actual Problems

    • Basic troubleshooting theory

    • The most common problems

    • Relating your PLC program to the real world

    • Tracing and monitoring input and outputs

    • How to recover quickly from lightning and other power problems

    • Actual troubleshooting exercise

    • Using Rs Logix's Advanced Diagnostics

    • PLC Programming

      • Commissioning (setup) new PLC

      • Best-practices programming

      • Write your own PLC program

      • Tools and way to grow your PLC programming experience

    • PLC Security

      • PLC security overview

      • Network classroom PLCs

      • Best-practices industrial network security

      • PLC/SCADA security tips and tricks

What you will receive ...

  • World Class Training

  • Hands On Experience

  • Classroom Handouts

  • A copy of the Power Point

  • Certificate of Achievement

  • Follow up support by email

  • A PLC Simulation CD

  • Challenge workshop attendees receive more advanced programming examples

  • The confidence to continue to learn and more.


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We are a Strategic Training Partner for the Association for Facilities Engineering (AFE) and provide AFE members a 10% discount.


Note: Seminar Ends 4:30 Thursday, book travel accordingly.

(Next day Travel  recommended)


Atlanta Schedule:

JAN 24-26, 2017


Or  see our Las Vegas Seminar and our On-Site Training


PLC certification 

This 3 day workshop in Atlanta is the 1st step in your path to becoming a PLC expert. Click the banner button above to see what's recommended next.


We will give every attendee a of our RSLogix 5000 training software

for free, to continue their education after the seminar is over!!


PLC Training with RS Logix (RS Logic)

Business Industrial Network will be hosting the best Allen-Bradley RS Logix PLC training your maintenance and engineering personnel can get. How? Business Industrial Network will provide their leading expert on Allen- Bradley Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) troubleshooting as your instructor. (1.6 CEU)


Free on-line PLC Introduction Video


rslogix plc5 and slc500 software  plc trianing  plc ladder logic files


This three day seminar is based on the same onsite customized PLC 5 and SLC 500   PLC training course used to reduce downtime in FDA regulated manufactures, Government Facilities and Fortune 500 companies through out the United States. This PLC course is not just text book PLC instructions, but practical knowledge and case examples based on years of experience.


This PLC course will offer information your people will actually use out on the shop floor. A crash course in how to reduce downtime while working with Allen-Bradley's Rs Logix PLC 5 and SLC 500   software. Day 3 of this seminar is commissioning a PLC from scratch and writing a new program.


To offer you the greatest return on your PLC training investment this seminar is focused on ...


How to troubleshoot more quickly and reliabilyTroubleshooting

How to troubleshoot more quickly and reliabilyReducing Downtime

Backup PLC RSLogix programs, safely upload - downloadSafe and Reliable Procedures

Industrial Network SecurityIndustrial Network Security

Backup PLC RSLogix programs, safely upload - downloadNo Sales, Unbiased PLC Training

Backup PLC RSLogix programs, safely upload - downloadClass Size 10, Greater Knowledge Transfer.

Students build confidence to continue their PLC eduction on their own.Continuing Self Education


The instructor for this seminar will be Donald B. Fitchett, who has not only been teaching about PLCs for over a decade and has designed and implemented world class training programs around the world. Don will also bring to this seminar his  expertise on the true cost of downtime to stress the importance of quick reliable troubleshooting. Instructors will roam the class helping all attendees keep up with the course outline and hands on application.


Atlanta Schedule: January 24-26, 2017   Price: $1450

We're the PLC training provider who never cancels a training date, even if one 1 person registers. So safe to book now. (ATL no longer available, see ...)


April 2018 Las Vegas PLC Training and our On-Site Training


Customer Comment ...

One of's Chief Engineers, Sabrina Taraboletti wrote a good full page review of this course to their Training Director. Too large to place on this web page, but upon request we would be happy to share the full review with you. Below are some valuable insights from her review of the class...

"...Don uses the RXLogix 500 series because it is easier to understand and troubleshoot for people who are beginners.  You need to understand the basics of the system before you can move on to understanding the more complicated features of the RXLogix 5000 System. ...Analogy;  you have to learn how to run Windows 7 PC edition before you tackle Windows 7 Server edition.  ... My 3rd assistant engineer had done some PLC work at school and on her cadet midshipman vessels.  She also felt this was an excellent course and a good starting place for those, like her, who do have a little experience with PLC's. ... I am not sure about the other FSV's, but the Shimada has a Toughbook PC with RSLogix 5000 loaded on it.  I brought that with me to the class.  I would show up early, and Don would work with me in understanding the differences (and similarities) between the 500 and 5000 series machines.  This was a great help and I came back with a with a better working knowledge of that computer and how to use it. Upon completion of the class one receives a certificate of accomplishment,  a USB Flash Drive with a ton of information on it, and an Allen Bradley Micrologix miniature PLC connected to switches and lights that you can continue to practice programming with at home.  This thing is not a cheap toy, and I really feel this sets the BIN folks out ahead of the others.  ... In conclusion I think this would be an excellent course for all engineers, EET's, and ET's in the Fleet, and not just for those who work on FSV's.  As we continue to bring new ships into NOAA, they will undoubtedly be controlled with these devices.  Everyone should have at least a basic understanding of how these things work.  Don is more than willing to do on site training, and I believe this would be an excellent course to hold during winter in port at the MOC locations. "


"Don, I wanted to stop and take a few minutes to thank you for your time and to say that the class was so worth it. I learned a good amount of info that will be and has been helpful in just the short time I have been away from the class. As I told you when we first spoke..I have helped build out many systems and MCC/PLC cabinets but never fully understood the what and why. Well with your class and time I have a much better handle on it. I would recommend the class to anyone from the fresh newbie to the seasoned PLC tech. I think from your experience and knowledge that there is something for all. "

Kiev Thomason

Haband Co., Inc.


Don's teaching methods for the PLC Troubleshooting class were greatly impressive. He knew when to slow down to help those that were not completely understanding, and when to pick up the pace if everyone was following along quickly. The class is highly recommended, and Don makes it a great experience for everyone.
Will Inglis, SB Electronics

Attended the PLC training class the first week of Jan. in St. Louis. The environment of the class and the materials presented met and exceeded my expectations. I have worked with PLC in the past, but had no formal training. The material covered seemed like a lot. In the class with the presentations, class materials, and hands on exercises covered all the materials listed plus questions asked by the class. The hands on exercises with the PLC programming gave the opportunity to use with what you were taught. After the class I could take the training material with my notes and easily apply what I had learned.
John Yakubovich, Maintenance Technician at International PaperBox

"Don gave a very knowledgeable course on RS Logix and was very attentive about the standards and the class involvement was great. Don worked hard to make sure that everyone was keeping up and understood the work. i would recommend Don to anyone for the technical knowledge and the patience to get the job done."
timothy wilson, Technician at Corning Life Sciences

"Don, that was one of the best learning experiences that I have had in years of attending seminars.  The Allen Bradley PLC seminar was well taught on a down to earth level which I believe everyone understood.  The 3 days had just enough information in it with out giving anyone overload.  Thanks again."

Jody Gatton

Sachem, Inc.


"Thanks for your seminar, it was by far the most informative and value packed seminar that I have attended to date."

George Waddy

Waddy's Electrical Enterprises Inc.


"The workbook and disk we where given has helped me considerably after the course to keep the materials fresh. This was my first real hands-on experience and I left the workshop felling very confident in my abilities."

Curmeal M. Broadway (Mike)


"Our skill levels ranged from expert to beginner and no one was left behind. Tell Don I said hello when you speak with him. This guy is good."

Ross Thomas, Jr


K33 Decon/Final Survey Building Ops Manager


More recommendations at our Industrial Training Testimonials page and at PLC Training workshop on LinkedIn



Seminar Location ...

PLC training seminar location, click for details. Just 1/4 mile from the  

Stone Mountain

Conference Center

 Atlanta, Georgia


<Click picture for resort details .


As a less expensive alternate, reservation may be made at the Country Inn & Suites. Country Inn is where training seminar will be held and is only 1/4 mi from Stone Mountain Conference Center. Seminars end on Friday, so your can reward your self by visiting Stone Mountain afterwards.


Register for seminar by Secure Online Form Register for seminar by phone Register for seminar by mail Click Register Now For more Atlanta, GA. PLC Training Seminar details and to register.


This location no longer available, see ...


April 2018 Las Vegas PLC Training or request a free quote for on-site training.


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