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Industrial PLC Training Video Course

(Programmable Controllers)

10 Industrial PLC training videos, handbook, instructor's guide, exams and course completion certificate.

Programmable Controllers - Industrial PLC training video course


PLC Training Curriculum - Customer Comment Video - PLC Training Video Brochure

10 PLC Training Video Course Series
ESBN: I01-500D-2N45-21Z7

Industrial PLC training video course, 10 DVDs about Programmable Controllers with video reference handbook, instructor's guide, answer key, master set of exams and course completion certificate. Learn about PLC logic used in factory automation programmable logic controllers in this industrial video series. No prior PLC knowledge required, Applicable to all makes and models of PLCs.


 Great for training maintenance and industrial engineers.


A comprehensive PLC program applicable to all makes and models of PLCs without requiring any prior PLC knowledge. The program starts off with the basics, thoroughly explains the hardware section of the controller, moves on to both basic and advanced programming topics, and wraps up with proper system implementation guidelines.


It's even easy to train multiple people: simply order additional student kits.


The PLC Training Series Includes:

  • Ten Industrial PLC Training Videos - the first three PLC training videos introduce the PLC basics, principles and operation. The next three cover PLC hardware including discrete and analog I/O. The next three PLC training videos explain basic and advanced PLC programming techniques and the final PLC training video shows how to properly implement a PLC-based system.
  • PLC Training Instructor's Guide and Answer Key
  • Master set of exams
  • Student Kit includes: (Extra Student Kits $320 per student)
    • PLC Training Video Reference Handbook - reinforces the material in the PLC videos and provides review questions and answers.
  • PLC Course Completion Certificate


Customer Comment ...
"After viewing the program, we believe that your PLC Video Training Series is the best on the market and definitely meets our needs."
George Cooros, Training Instructor US Steel Corp.


This PLC Training video course with our PLC Trainer and our PLC troubleshooting training software make for a viable alternate our PLC learning workshops delivered on site or our public PLC learning workshop.

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If you click on each of the PLC Training DVD titles below, you can watch a sample. Please note that because of the streaming, the quality is not as good as the actual DVD.


PLC training video series curriculum ...

Section 1
This section covers the PLC Fundamentals:Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) Fundamentals

Includes three modules:

Section 2
This section covers PLC Hardware & Operation: Programmable Controllers  - Operation

Includes three modules:

Section 3PLC Programming of Ladder Logic
This section covers PLC Programming:

Includes three modules:

Section 4
This section covers PLC Implementation::PLC Implementation in Factory Automation

Includes one module:


Learning path:

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6th     Plc training scholastic video course 10dvd (page you are on now)


7th     Online plc structured text programming basics course


8th     Plc troubleshooting & scada


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