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The PLC Technician Training Software Bundle.

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Prod #:  KT-098B-PLCTech-Bundle

PLC Technician's Bundle:
Includes the following 4 certificate course software titles. Of specific interest to PLC technicians as well as others. This bundle includes PLC training, PAC training, HMI training, and VFD training courses. You can click on each certificate course software titles below to see details, screenshots and often videos.

The PLCTrainer and LogixPro Simulator uses RSLogix ladder logic look and feel and includes analog instruction, an area that has been overlooked by most PLC training materials. You also receive a second CD free, a fully licensed LogixPro simulator CD! (Free LogixPro CD not included with the download version.) - 30hrs, 70 if Lab manual.

The CLXTrainer includes an introduction to ControlLogix with an overview of RSLogix 5000. Learn the fundamentals of RSLogix 5000 and the Process Automation Controller (PAC) called Controllogix. - 30hrs, 50 if Lab manual.

The ViewTrainer HMI Training Software uses Rockwell's RSView32 platform as an example and includes details about RSLinx communications, DDE excel, RSView graphics and more. - 20hrs, 35 if Lab manual.

The VFDTrainer is a tutorial on the basic operation, installation, programming and troubleshooting of VFD units. Sections on AC motors, use of variable frequency drives,  installation, start-up, soft starters, motor control troubleshooting, etc. - 15hrs, 25 if Lab manual.

PLC Technician

All 4 certificate course titles in this PLC technician's bundle comes with an interactive, self-scoring Final Exam!

With site licenses, the quiz is scored, the student names and final scores are appended to a comma delimited text file that may be imported into a database or spreadsheet application.... making the site license purchasing option perfect for technical schools, community colleges, universities, apprenticeship programs, and company training departments.

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Customer Comments:

A. Francis - Philadelphia, PA  "no problems. just want to say Thanks for an amazing product. and I plan to be purchase some of your other programs as well. I am blown away at how you guys simplified the information without losing any understanding of theory.  "I get it" you have an affordable and premium product.(worth every cent)I am a very satisfied customer. you guys are now my go to. THANKS   and special thanks to your sales team. They Rock!!!"

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