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Forklift Supervisor Training 301

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This OSHA forklift supervisor training course is 5th in the OSHA Forklift Certification Training Series.

Forklift supervisor training


Prod #:  SI-120-Forklift-Supervisor-301  (12min to 1hr)


Forklift Supervisor Training 301:

This OSHA forklift supervisor training video course 301 [Supervisor Orientation ] is the fifth course in the OSHA Forklift Certification Training Series. As a forklift supervisor, their responsibilities include highlighting hazards specific to thier workplace and perform evaluations to ensure all forklift drivers are up to code. This forklift supervisor orientation course is the starting point for the supervisor's focus. Forklift supervisors are often tasked with delivering forklift training to operators, to some extent. So this course starts off on the topic of "How to Train". This is only discussed on a supervisor orientation level, not at the higher train the trainer level.


Also covered are forklift driver evaluation, which under the supervisor's responsibilities. The workplace hazards section emphasizes that each workplace will have hazards unique to it, that need to be conveyed to operators. There are also sections on accident prevention and incident reporting from a supervisor's perspective. Also included with this forklift supervisor training course are digital copies of additional training materials for print, including a leadership guide, course exam and course answer sheet. This forklift training course can be used as the basis for approximately one hour of forklift instructor guided training.


Note: We realize sometimes the company's forklift supervisor is also the company's Forklift instructor. The course on this page is not a forklift train the trainer course, although both may find it useful.


OSHA Forklift Supervisor Training Course includes:

Forklift supervisor Training 301


how to train:

OSHA requires training for all powered industrial truck operators every three years. A supervisor's goal is to provide the training needed to highlight hazards specific to the company's workplace and the evaluation necessary to keep all drivers up to code. OSHA requires that only operators who have been trained and evaluated in accordance with 29 CFR 1910.178(l), are allowed to operate forklifts. The forklift supervisor [forklift manager] may also be training forklift operators [team] on how to report pre-shift inspections on equipment, to them.


driver evaluation:

Before operating a forklift, or going through hands-on forklift training, all operators must participate in classroom or online forklift training. Part of the forklift driver evaluation will be the supervisor to watch each driver individually to judge their driving ability and to see how they handle tricky situations. This section also covers discussing common tasks and obstacles.


workplace hazards:

Every workplace is different and each task may require a specific type of forklift. Each workplace will also have hazards unique to it. The supervisor must know and understand both forklift operations and potential hazards that exist in their specific workplace.


accident prevention:

It is well known in the industry that accident prevention is dependant on forklift operator supervision.  Additionally preventing forklift accidents requires a good mindset and attitude which stems from the leadership of supervisors. Of course, thorough hands-on training results in a major reduction of accidents. Proper inspection of the forklift is also important to make sure the machine is working as it should be. Supervisor and forklift manager must also ensure operators know how to handle a load, and how each load they carry affects the forklift’s performance.


report an accident:

At some point, an accident is likely to occur. When it does both forklift supervisors and operators must know and follow the appropriate procedures to report it. Supervisors will survey the area, take pictures if they can, and speak with all employees involved. If need be, they may choose to simulate the accident to get a better understanding of what occurred. As forklift operation supervisors are typically required in shipping docks, warehouses, airports, manufacturing sites, and other related industries, the reporting and procedures can vary.



The above forklift safety course is sent as one DVD containing video, training aids and resources.


Any companies or educational intuitions that would like to view the full Forklift Supervisor Training video sampled below, may do so by using our contact form to provide your full contact company information (company name, address, etc.) and request a full review of "Forklift Supervisor Training [Video number here, ie:301] video". Also contacts us with details if you need a custom safety solution developed for your company.


forklift supervisor training sample


Forklift Training Program Features:

The OSHA Forklift Supervisor Training course on this page is delivered in 3 different formats/options depending on your needs. They are DVD only, Video on demand (VOD) plus LMS, and Video on demand (VOD) only. Each format has different combinations of the following safety training program features. See the easy comparison chart to decide which format works best for your training needs.Workplace Safety Training Comparison



VOD: This safety training video can also be accessed as a 100% video course in the Video On Demand library for $149 per month. So purchasing the product on this page in the VOD format subscribes you to the 80+ Video Based Courses Library. All video courses are OSHA, DOT, & EPA Compliant. Cancel subscription anytime. Watch 24/7 from any internet device, so it works great for your coast to coast forklift training program too. New safety video courses added every quarter. Only one login per account at any given time is allowed.


LMS: Also designed with the training manager in mind, the option online "VOD+LMS" includes an online Learning Management System. Using this system, trainers can set up Pre and Post tests... establish log-in procedures... even define and set up a curriculum for various job classes. The system also collects and organizes employee performance information through a powerful relational database, which can generate a number of record-keeping and tracking reports... and has a database import/export feature, which allows information to be transferred to and from an external database (such as a company's personnel database).


Within 24 hours of the order being placed, you will receive an email with an access link or tracking number for shipping, depending on what delivery format you choose.

Free USPS Priority Shipping for DVD version if shipped to USA address.

Delivery Format

training courses

OSHA Forklift Test:

You may want to have employees take our free online OSHA forklift test for pre-evaluation. (To maintain course forklift test integrity, this free online forklift test is Not the same OSHA forklift test given within courses mentioned on this page.)


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Forklift Training: OSHA Forklift Supervisor Training (301). This OSHA safety video course is designed for forklift supervisor training and other job titles with the same responsibilities. This could be warehouse manager, .warehouse operations manager, maintenance manager, safety manager, line supervisor etc.

Forklift train the trainer course: This is the supervisor orientation course, and not the train the trainer forklift certification. Although it sort of is the first step in train the trainer forklift certification.