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Enabling New Possibilities for Preventive Maintenance (cont.)


By Marty Huff

Advantech's WebLink 2059 is a fully functional, application-ready embedded computer. The 2059 is ideal for acting as the M2M Gateway.


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The Intelligent Device: Where The Data Originates


Intelligent devices include PLCs, I/O modules, and sensors - essentially any device, machine or appliance containing a microprocessor. These devices are programmed to read, and sometimes react, to actions and conditions such as motion, voltage, pressure, flow, or temperature. Any device that has the capability to act or react to a command, communicate with other devices, control or be controlled, can broadcast data in an M2M application.


In many facilities, it is common for devices to be linked together and easily accessible via machine networks such as Data Highway Plus (DH+), DeviceNet, ModBus, etc. In many cases it is necessary to add an Ethernet card or wireless gateway to just one machine on the network to gain access to the majority of your facilities equipment.


It is also important not to overlook equipment that is less likely to be connected to the existing device network. Commonly overlooked equipment which is critical to the operation of a facility includes: plant air compressors, boilers, and high voltage stations, just to name a few.


M2M Components

There are basically four components in an M2M system: 1) the intelligent device (machine or appliance) where the data originates, 2) the gateway that extracts and translates data, 3) the network which serves the data and 4) the remote client which ultimately receives the data. M2M software applications are optional but can facilitate communications, enable Web access and provide the user interface.


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The Intelligent Device: Where The Data Originates

The Gateway: Translates and Passes The Data To The Network

The Network: The Connectivity That Serves Data To The Remote Client

The Remote Client: The Destination Of The Information


Marty Huff  - msi tec, inc. 

About the author: marty huff is an it professional with msi tec and can be reached directly at 720-875-9835 or by email at Msi tec is a provider of intelligent machine control components and systems, and the value adding engineering resources for the successful identification and implementation of their use.

Marty is responsible for m2m systems design, programming and installation and is available for dedicated training programs and seminars on the subject of m2m.

Don fitchett, Business Industrial Network, contributor to this article.


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