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Troubleshooting Industrial Controls (TIC2)

(Above is Simutech Multimedia's official PLC training software title, abbreviated as TIC2)

Windows 10, 7 & 8 compatible software (64bit or 32bit)


This PLC simulator used for PLC training creates industrial controls faults for user to learn advanced skills of troubleshooting an entire complex industrial control system that uses a PLC. This PLC training (Programmable Logic Controller training), simulates real world faults allowing user to use simulated VOM, ladder logic and other tools while troubleshooting industrial controls wired to the PLC simulator.


NOTE: The PLC simulator used Simutech Multimedia was kept generic in nature so it can be included in your AB PLC training, Siemens PLC training, GE PLC training, Mitsubishi PLC training, Schneider Electric PLC training, Modicon PLC training, etc.


This advanced industrial controls training is intended to be used after you have completed the V4 Electrical Troubleshooting Series and the Advanced Industrial Troubleshooting Simulation, the PLC Programming Basics Course and the Troubleshooting PLC Circuits.



  • Learn how PLCs are used to provide a variety of processes including start, stop, level control, temperature control, mixture ratio control and more.

  • Safely develop effective testing methods and techniques for safely troubleshooting industrial systems with PLCs.

  • Master PLC circuit troubleshooting with continual training in safe environments.

  • 20 unique ladder programs are included, supplying a variety of operational behavior for troubleshooting exercises 

  • Over 50 challenging malfunctions to diagnose and repair.

  • Perform voltage, resistance, and other tests with the multi-meter.

  • Trace and disconnect wires and replace components.

  • Connect a virtual laptop to the PLC simulator to go online, download PLC programs and change settings

  • Worldwide use: simulations and resources provided for NEMA and IEC electrical standards.

  • More than a dozen hands-on labs to understand PLC operations.

  • 9 practice exercises and guided faults using PLC simulator and industrial controls.

  • Troubleshoot over 24 Extra and Genius level PLC faults.

  • Retry the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced PLC faults.

  • Detailed feedback and comprehensive evaluation of your PLC troubleshooting skills.

  • Compare every new attempt to previous attempts to track your improvement.

  • Cloud storage of user progress

  • Use on multiple computers by a single user

  • Free support and upgrades

  • When the cloud access expires, the user can continue to use the software on the PC it was installed on. However all cloud benefit cease (support, upgrades, download access and user progress tracking online).



Advanced PLC Simulator

(Note the TIC2 software pictured above, and for sale on this page was created by Simutech Multimedia Inc.)


This is a realistic simulation of an industrial process for mixing and processing liquids. At the heart of the system is a PLC simulator which has more than a dozen programs available to provide a variety of different processes. The industrial controls system simulation uses a 3 phase AC to supply Pump, Agitator, Heaters. Motors, Transformers, Contactors and Overloads. The PLC control portion of the system uses a generic PLC simulator with 16 digital relay outputs, 24 volt DC power supply powering the inputs (thermal couple temperature sensor, float switch, selector switches and pushbuttons inputs) and outputs (solenoid valves, pump, agitator, heaters, motors, contactors and indicator outputs)


Designed for use by Instructors, Supervisors, Students and experienced Tradespersons.

Instructors: Use Workplace Editions as part of your classroom training course.

Supervisors – Use Workplace edition to improve the troubleshooting skills of your staff, and your company’s bottom line.

Apprentices and Students – Use Personal Edition to safely and effectively increase your PLC troubleshooting skills.

Trades people – Use Personal Edition to further develop and hone your PLC troubleshooting skills.



Screen shots from Troubleshooting Industrial Controls (TIC2):

plc simulator electrical schematics plc simulation software 2 industrial controls plc programming plc programming training plc simulation software programmable controller


Feedback and Evaluation:

Track your development with comprehensive evaluation for each PLC fault and the entire program.

plc fault finding guide plc fault finding electrical controls training

  • Continual feedback will help keep you on track while troubleshooting circuits.
  • A detailed assessment for each PLC simulated fault attempt will help you perfect your troubleshooting methods and techniques.
  • Monitor your progress with the Level and Overall Skill Ratings as your PLC troubleshooting abilities improve.
  • The Overall Summary will help you determine areas for improvement.



New Transit Edition: This software now is available only as download and cloud support on a subscription bases. A Single User purchase allows the single user to install on up to 3 computers. Those installs never expire. That user's progress is uploaded to the cloud, so user can continue where they left off at work, on their home computer. The cloud benefits expire after 1 or 3 years, but can be renewed. Learn more about Transit Edition of Electrical Troubleshooting Training Software.

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Companies and schools who have us deliver hands-on PLC training at their facility, follow up with employees going through the PLC Troubleshooting training software and then the above industrial controls troubleshooting training software on this page.

An email with download and activation instructions will be sent within 24 hours.


Single User Personal Edition:
The Single User Edition is licensed for personal use. This single user edition may only be used by the individual for whom the license has been purchased for. This edition is typically purchased by students, apprentices, tradespersons, etc. wishing to learn or upgrade their troubleshooting skills.
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