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Free engineering software and videos for training

This page explains how to get free maintenance, manufacturing, engineering software and videos for training, as well as free attendance to seminars.

$1,000s in free training given away! $$ - It's as easy as 123.


1. Click the Facebook 'Like' button at the top of our home page


Free Engineering Software

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2. Make sure you add our company president to your Facebook 'Friends' list.


Free Electrical Training

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3. Navigate our to find the product and service pages you would like, and click the Facebook 'Like' button at the top of that page too.


Free maintenance management software, videos and ebooks too

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That's it, easy a 123


How it works: Our company President will browse the most 'Liked' pages of our site, pick a Facebook friend at random who 'Liked' that selected page and offer them that product or service for free.


  • There will be no dollar limit!
  • Even a seminar registration for over $1000.00 can be given away for free!
  • So click the 'Like' button for anything you would like!



Not many rules. The more product and services pages you click the 'Like' button on, the better your odds of being picked. The more people who click the 'Like' button on the product or service page you like, the better the odds that product or service will be picked to be given away. So tell your friends to click the 'Like' button too. But NO spamming, or you will be disqualified. We recommend only clicking the 'Like' button on one product or service page every other day, so as not to irritate your friends. Also you must be willing to let us share your Facebook profile picture and/or link with others letting them know who received what for free. No hidden strings attached, no shipping or other cost, and no forms to fill out just to get something for free like others do. In keeping with our standard company policy, we will not share any info about you (other than your info on your Facebook profile that is already publically shared) and we will not bother you with emails either.


If you have further comments or questions, feel free to post them to our Facebook wall or use our contact form below.

Thank You for being a friend.


Some of the winners! ...

PLC training seminar winner


Robert (Bob) G. was picked from our FaceBook friends to attend our 3 day PLC Training Seminar totally free! ($1170)











PLC Trainer winner Rex


Rex B. of BHI won a drawing at our St. Louis PLC training workshop for a free ABs01 PLC Trainer. He was one of our brightest attendees, so we are sure he is holding PLC trainer upside down on purpose. :)










Free PLC training simulator software


Phillip Waddell (Ryder - Athens Packaging of Georgia) won a drawing at our Atlanta PLC training workshop for a free lifetime licensed copy of our PLC Troubleshooting training simulation software. ($209)  









Free software Winner Kevin R  Our friend Kevin J. Rhodes Sr. had a nice present delivered on 2011 Christmas Eve, as he won our PLC Training software 2 CD set ($159) just for being our Facebook friend and clicking the FB like button on this site for Training products he would like to have.







Industrial electrical training video Our friend Dennis won one of the Industrial Electrical Training DVDs. ($359)

Our friend Rick won free registration to 3 day ControlLogix seminar. ($1450)
Free engineering training FB winner Rick 
   << Rick Mortensen after graduating from hands-on Process Automation Controller course he won for free just by being a Facebook friend and clicking the like button on ControlLogix seminar webpage.


Kevin Winner of Maintenance advisor  Our friend Kevin won free copy of "How to SMASH Maintenance Adviser" Ebook ($19.99)







Randy Craps




<< Randy Craps, was picked from our Facebook friends to attend our 3 day PLC Training Seminar totally free! ($1170)   









free industrial controls training




Sergio Gomes won the latest training software to the advanced troubleshooting series TIC2 (Troubleshooting Industrial Controls training software with PLC Simulator!) ($149)






IBEW winner


Chris Wheat of IBEW local 855 won free PLC Training 2 CD set. ($159)








You also may want to share with your friends our free download site at (has free software demos, power points, videos and more.)