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Note to maintenance managers and maintenance engineers, BIN95 offers 100+ industrial maintenance training products accessed via menu below. So you are no longer restricted to asking what maintenance schools near me to get my people trained. We even offer many industrial maintenance technician test, online for free, to help you assess your teams current knowledge level. While our site here may come off as being dominated by electrical and automation control training, we do have many mechanical programs too. (Contact us for a Corporate and Educational site license quote on any of the single users items below.)

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Industrial Maintenance Training Products

How to Engineering CDs, Skills Videos (DVD), Training Simulation Software and E-books

Engineering E-booksEngineering E-books about Process Plant & Equipment. Feed Forward Publications, a subsidiary of Business Industrial Network provides these high quality educational E books and CDs specifically aimed at increasing the engineering knowledge of plant operators and maintainers.


Maintenance Skills Videos

Maintenance Training DVD libraries Start your people off with the "Industrial Electrical Training Video Course" followed by our "PLC Training Video Course" to insure your people have the vast knowledge base required to work on today's industrial maintenance technology.


Reliability Training Program CDs

Maintenance Reliability Training CDs Best Practice Maintenance and Engineering Reliability Training Program. Get your technical people teaching your production and maintenance workforce how to deliver concrete improvements in process, plant and equipment reliability and work quality exactly suited to your operation. [TOP]

Industrial Maintenance Technical Reference

Your E Learning solution

Computer Based Training Maintenance Computer Based Training (CBT) CDs and Downloads and downloadable seminars on topics; "Maintenance Planning and Scheduling" and "Shutdowns, Turnarounds, and Outages" and "Lubrication" and "AC Motor Controls" to name a few. Download courses using real world simulation software not just to deliver scholastic knowledge, but a skill too.

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