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safety articles:


Maintenance safety training programs cal-OSHA

This maintenance safety training programs (cal OSHA) article is a safety maintenance checklist based on California OSHA  standards but can be applied anywhere. Included is the maintenance safety program PDF, so you can share it at your safety meeting. A great start for those wanting to ensure their maintenance occupational safety is not lacking.


Asbestos fibers in manufacturing plants

Asbestos use inside manufacturing plants was common practice in the united states throughout most of the 20th century. This article helps you identify those risks and protect worker exposure to asbestos.


Slip and fall safety around the chip machine

Advice from chip systems international

Slip and fall advice by chip systems international for safety floor management around chip machine, briquetting equipment, mist collectors, and other heavy machines.

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[ Newest 7 - Electrical - Mechanical - Maintenance Management - Automation - Engineering - Safety - Opinion - Archived ]


opinion articles:


Technical, vocational education vs. vocational training

Although providers blur the meaning by mostly using the word “training”, when really all they are providing is “education”. (its a sales thing.) "training” is and should be perceived as more/better than just “education”. Although both are necessary. See the definitions, metrics, and examples in this article.


What's an industrial maintenance technician?

...and how do you become one? should you? where on the promotion/career tree is an "industrial maintenance technician" job? This article tries its best to answer these questions, but it is not easy with the waters muddied so much.


Opinion: Mechatronics engineer and technician

Mechatronics engineer, mechatronics technician, and mechatronics education in a commentary about the USA's diluted educational and employment in manufacturing. One of two articles written to spark controversy and conversation.


Opinion: Manufacturing career path

Manufacturing career path suffers the education skills gap. This is a commentary about how and why the USA no longer has a viable manufacturing career path for its young. The second of two articles written to spark controversy and conversation.

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[ Newest 7 - Electrical - Mechanical - Maintenance Management - Automation - Engineering - Safety - Opinion - Archived ]


archived articles:


Using the best online resources to find a job

Best us government online resources reviewed.

While the article is focused on specific tools to contact employing companies, the premise of the two US government sites talked about is to provide tools to broaden the job seeker's choices for employment.


Lean maintenance using six sigma DMAIC

You can not have truly lean manufacturing without also having lean maintenance.

This article is a detailed overview of how to successfully implement lean maintenance. From identifying the barriers, defining the problem, to arriving at a solution. This article is a great start in controlling the project.


The knowledge network

Networking people and information together.

The most powerful aspect of the knowledge network is often the most overlooked advantage. That advantage is a solution that results when two or more individuals communicating back and forth with a common goal.


Dry ice blasting

Dry ice blasting for electric motor repair.

A case study for using dry ice blasting (co2) for an electric motor rebuilder, compared to conventional methods such as sandblasting. Also how it eliminates hazardous waste disposal costs.


Automated packaging

Increasing efficiency and reducing costs with packaging automation

Automation is certainly the watchword as today's manufacturers face razor-thin profit margins, just-in-time (jit) manufacturing and iso-9002/qs-1000 quality standards.


The funny story about the maintenance job

A humorous look at the old maintenance mentality.

With the advent of technological advances and the movement from reactive maintenance to proactive maintenance, Bubba & Skeeter are officially deceased.


Connecting together all PLCs of different vendors in your facility.
Some basic advice to help you with your research... there is more than one way to skin a cat. :>)

From PLC vendor-proprietary networks to OPC server, and even to a phone if you would like!


A spot vs. Group re-lamping:

Do you feel like your always changing bulbs in your facility? then you probably are. :>)

View some of the highlights of Sylvania's presentation online, and download the full 28 slides. You can use this to educate your management on the cost savings of group re-lamping.


A 5 cent shorted fuse can really cost you:

If you don't stock a certain fuse, documented cases show a cost of $27,000.

We want to help when you don't have an exact fuse match in stock.


The future of manufacturing:

Editorial reports about current events shaping the manufacturing industry.

These articles are about the current industrial revolution, but most of the innovations will soon be standards in the industry.


Lubrication's dirty secrets:
Did you know that compressor oil cost is from $ 900.00 to $ 2000,00 per drum? lets you in on the secrets to extend your compressor life.


Corrugator warp:
Get the warp out of your paper drive.
There is one-time warp drive is not so cool, that's when the warp is driven your scrap rate up and reducing production.


Customer complaints:
(prevent or perish).
Those who embrace and actively lead their organizations within a prevention strategy will lead the exceptional companies of the 21st century. those who don't will perish. which will you choose?


The 2nd yield:
Your current product line is the first yield.
Through management of science and maintenance, you can obtain a second yield of services. this article is actually several excerpts and exhibits from the book.


A peek at PLCs
(Member's questions answered).
We thought there might be more out there who could benefit from the answers to these questions


The millennium maintenance man
(aka OEM eliminator).
Entering into the millennium, we will see manufacturing plants becoming more and more automated. this will have maintenance supervisors looking for a different type of maintenance man.


Why should I upgrade to a program logic controller, (PLC)?
That was the question posed to us, by one of our readers, so we hope this helps.

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[ Newest 7 - Electrical - Mechanical - Maintenance Management - Automation - Engineering - Safety - Opinion - Archived ]


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